15+ Stunning Houseplants with Bronze Leaves

1. Twister Rex Begonia

Botanical Identify: Begonia rex ‘Twister’

This unique selection gives darkish inexperienced foliage textured in bronze, silver, and deep purple spots making it one the best-looking begonia.

2. Norfolk Friendship Plant

Botanical Identify: Pilea spruceana ‘Norfolk’

Also referred to as angel wings, this gorgeous houseplant options oval puckered dark-green leaves with bronze hues. It wants vivid oblique gentle and excessive humidity to remain indoors.

3. Petra Croton

Botanical Identify: Codiaeum variegatum ‘Petra’

This stunning croton selection shows extensive giant foliage within the shades of bronze, yellow, inexperienced, and burgundy crimson. It thrives finest in a vivid location.

4. Berries N’ Burgundy

Botanical Identify: Caladium ‘Berries N’ Burgundy’

This sun-loving multicolor selection has foliage with beautiful bronze background having a pink-white middle adorned in vivid pink major veins.

5. Duarten Rex Begonia

Botanical Identify: Begonia rex ‘Duarten’

‘Duarten’ shows pointed foliage in shades of bronze and silver. The leaves are veined and stippled, which provides it a chic look.

6. Golden Sedum

Botanical Identify: Sedum adolphi ‘Golden Glow’

This engaging sedum selection options yellow-green foliage that turns into a stupendous red-bronze shade when uncovered to the solar.

7. Magnificent Croton

Botanical Identify: Codiaeum variegatum ‘Magnificent’

‘Magnificent’ gives giant foliage textured with orange, bronze, yellow, pink, and crimson colours. It may attain a peak of 3-4 toes indoors and does effectively in each full solar to partial shade.

8. Dwarf Velvet Elephant Ear

Botanical Identify: Kalanchoe beharensis ‘Brown Dwarf’

This selection is often known as Kalanchoe beharensis ‘Nana.’ It has furry golden-bronze or white pubescent leaves that look incredible in solar.

9. Cryptyantus

Botanical Identify: Bromeliad ‘Cryptanthus’

Widespread for star-shaped leaves, this selection is expounded to terrestrial bromeliads. The foliage has bronze, brown, inexperienced, crimson, and pink hues.

10. Begonia Exotica

Botanical Identify: Begonia brevirimosa ‘Exotica’

Simply because the identify suggests, it has unique giant metallic foliage with vivid pink variegation on the bronze-green background. It performs effectively in vivid gentle.

11. Huge Pink Bronze Leaf

Botanical Identify: Begonia ‘Huge Pink Bronze Leaf’

This begonia produces stunning crimson flowers with darkish inexperienced foliage having a bronze tint. It does effectively in each vivid solar and partial shade.

12. Bronze Medal

Botanical Identify: Aeonium ‘Bronze Medal’

This distinctive aeonium hybrid types a compact medallion-like rosette. The crimson leaves take a darkish bronze hue in sturdy gentle publicity.

13. Bronze Graptosedum

Botanical Identify: Graptosedum ‘Bronze’

This cute and small succulent has maroon, pink, and bronze foliage. It stays compact and appears cute in small pots. Simply expose it to a variety of daylight.

14. Burnished Bronze

Botanical Identify: Heucherella ‘Burnished Bronze’

This intergeneric hybrid between Heuchera and Tiarella produces a compact, basal mound of rounded, giant, lobed crimson leaves with a bronze tint. It appears nice in hanging baskets.

15. Tremendous-Tremendous Rainbow Festive Dance

Botanical Identify: ‘Tremendous-Tremendous Rainbow Festive Dance’ Coleus

The wealthy bronze foliage of this gorgeous coleus selection shows a fiery orange middle with inexperienced borders. This coleus will be grown in each pots or backyard beds.

16. Chocolate Caricature Jamaican Croton

Botanical Identify: Codiaeum variegatum ‘Chocolate Caricature Jamaican’

This croton exhibits off a definite set of shades in darkish inexperienced chocolate-hued leaves and delicate hints of bronze and pastel pink.

17. Fred Ives

Botanical Identify: Graptoveria ‘Fred Ives’

The fleshy waxy foliage displays a putting bronze-purple tint when positioned in full solar.

18. Autumn Fern

Botanical Identify: Dryopteris erythrosora

This standard fern gives shiny inexperienced fronds flushed in a bronze-orange hue as they develop which additionally offers it a typical seasonal identify.

19. Northern Lights Begonia

Botanical Identify: Begonia ‘Northern Lights’

Northern lights show a stupendous bunch of tightly packed crinkled leaves that carry a light-weight sheen of bronze with different colours. It is likely one of the finest vegetation for espresso tables.

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