200 million euros will help Bayern change this summer | Football

Bayern Munich’s transfer targets for the upcoming summer transfer window have been revealed.

With a disappointing campaign for Der Rekordmeister, planning for next season’s squad has begun. To overthrow Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern will recruit rookies in both attack, midfield and defense.

Firstly, Stuttgart’s Chris Fuhrich is on the radar of the defending champions. Buying him back will be quite simple due to the release clause in the contract. According to reports, if Die Roten qualify for the Champions League, Fuhrich will be allowed to leave for 23.5 million euros and could then be a competitor for Leroy Sane’s position.

Fuhrich is an affordable contract for Bayern.

In addition, the Gray Tigers are keen to sign a No. 6. Fulham’s interest in Joao Palhinha is said to have waned as Bayern identify alternative options for the Portuguese international.

Real Sociedad’s Martín Zubimendi is Der Rekordmeister’s number one target, with the Spaniard’s release clause set at €60 million. However, more importantly, Zubimendi once played under the guidance of Xabi Alonso. And with both wanting to go to Bayern, signing him could be the key to convincing Leverkusen’s head coach to move to Bavaria.


However, if Bayern cannot reach an agreement with the Spanish side, then they could turn their attention to Borussia Monchenladbach’s Manu Kone. The Frenchman is highly rated by Max Eberl, who was also responsible for recruiting the Frenchman to the Bundesliga during his time at Gladbach.

Moving on to defence, this is where Bayern’s summer spending could start to ramp up. Jeremie Frimpong is another player favored by Eberl, but his signing depends on Alonso being in charge next season.

The Netherlands international is said to have a €40 million release clause at the BayArena, but it will have to be activated before the European Championships begin. However, due to Frimpong’s weaknesses in defense, the defending champions will only consider signing this player if Alonso or another head coach wants to use a three-back formation.

Araujo may be the most expensive rookie.

Ultimately, Bayern will look to bring in a centre-back and they are not taking their eyes off Barcelona’s Ronald Araujo. The 25-year-old was Bayern’s target in the winter, but the Spanish giants refused to negotiate, despite Araujo’s willingness to leave.

Anyway, in the summer it could be a different story and Barca will listen to offers of around 100 million euros. This suggests Bayern’s total spending could reach more than 200 million euros , but it could only happen depending on who leaves Bavaria at the end of the season.

Despite the cost, Der Rekordmeister will still plan to spend heavily in the summer as they seek to regain the number 1 position in German football.

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