Advocates for ethical fashion have condemned Kylie Jenner Khy’s clothes business.

  • Kylie Jenner’s clothing brand Khy, made entirely of synthetic and plastic materials, such as spandex, nylon, polyester or a combination
  • The 26-year-old’s faux leather collection – launched last year – includes dresses, jackets, tops, and pants made of Polyurethane (PU) leather.
  • Speaking to, ethical fashion advocate Emma Hakansson accused the reality TV star of ‘causing our crisis of overproduction and consumption’

Kylie Jenner has been criticized by environmental groups because her new fashion brand collection is made entirely of plastic.

Reality TV star accused of «perpetuating the fast fashion industry» with her line of dresses, tops, skirts and pants from her Khy brand that are created from fossil fuels instead of sustainable materials .

Of the 38 pieces in her latest ‘slinky and soft’ mesh collection, launched on February 28, all are made from synthetic materials – such as spandex, nylon , polyester or synthetic.

Khy also has a wide selection of faux leather products right from the brand’s first product made from Polyurethane (PU) leather – a plastic material derived from synthetic polymers.


The market for faux leather – or what has been rebranded as ‘vegan leather’ – was valued at a staggering $35.4 billion last year and is now driving a significant increase in use PU leather in clothing products as a cheap product. replace.

However, this material does not have long-term durability, is susceptible to cracking and is more susceptible to wear.

Kylie, 26, was awarded Best Vegan Fashion Moment at the PETA Fashion Awards in December for Khy’s use of non-toxic, faux leather, despite the material’s unfriendly plastic content. with the environment.

Fashion Justice Collective founder Emma Hakansson – who campaigns against ‘fashion injustice in supply chains that harm the planet, people and animals’ – told Kylie’s brand is part of our enduring fast fashion industry – Production and Consumption Crisis

‘These clothes are not designed to last, they are built on short-lived trends with no respect for the people who created them, the planet or the life on it damaged in the process.

Hakansson added: «Creating fashion that harms people, animals and the planet is ugly and we deserve clothes that are beautifully made, not just beautiful to wear.»

‘While animal-derived leather is one of the most impactful, cruel and climate-destroying materials in fashion, it is not appropriate to consider these garments as being made from ‘ vegan leather’ is disingenuous – these clothes are not made with any commitment to animal welfare or sustainability, only profit.


‘Nearly 69% of today’s clothes are made from fossil fuels. We cannot limit the climate crisis by using plastic instead of plant-based, recycled and bio-based materials,” Hakansson said.

While Kylie’s Cosmetics has switched to vegan and cruelty-free products, the Khy brand, which first launched last November, does not have any information on its website about ethical or environmental standards – which have become a standard standard in the design industry.

Instead, the website simply states: ‘Khy aims to redefine the modern wardrobe by offering edited collections that perfectly blend luxury with everyday style, Includes many diverse types and styles.

‘By collaborating with iconic brands and global designers, we hope that Khy will be a platform that brings incredible access to fashion to everyone.’

It’s a similar story with her sister Kim’s brand SKIMS, which environmental group Good On You rated ethical fashion one out of five and said it was a brand you should «stay away from». «.

‘This brand provides insufficient relevant information on how to reduce its impact on people, the planet and animals. You have the right to know how the products you buy impact the issues you care about,’ the group’s website states.

‘SKIMS is rated overall as «We avoid»,» it added.

""Belong to"

Its chief executive Gordon Renouf told ‘When considering a brand’s sustainability, it is important to consider the full impact, especially on the environment and workers produce clothes.

‘Brands have an obligation to their customers to be completely transparent not only about the materials used and where they are produced but also their entire supply chain and its impact on key issues including resource use, greenhouse gas emissions, water and air use and chemical pollution, working conditions and living wages.’

Speaking to, Hakansson added: ‘The Kardashians have a record of prioritizing profits over the lives of the people who make their clothes and the planet we share.

‘Skims has received terrible reviews for the transparency of its supply chain.

‘Brands that do the right thing will often be proud of their supply chain and tell you about it – brands that don’t are not trustworthy.

‘With all the money the Kardashians have, they have a duty to ensure that if they produce fashion, they do it in a way that moves the industry towards truly protecting people, animals and the planet. Currently, they are choosing greed.’

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