An Entire Garden Turned Into a Fairy Tale by Man

When visiting this garden, people are not only surprised by the large area of 5,000 square meters but also extremely surprised that Mr. Truong (in Anhui, China) does not waste a single square meter, making clever use of it. cleverly creating a scientifically and meticulously planned space. Every little corner is filled with green trees, as beautiful as a miniature park.

The garden is as beautiful as a fairyland, built with all his passion for plants and trees.
The garden is planted with seasonal flowers.
The small corners are enchantingly beautiful thanks to Mr. Truong’s skillful design hands.

With all his heart and soul, Mr. Truong decided to rent a 5,000m² piece of land for 50 years to realize his dream of gardening and growing trees. Starting to renovate in 2002, that land that had nothing has gradually realized his dream. He also devoted all his love and enthusiasm, naming the garden “San Ke Shu Garden”.

It’s wonderful not only because he loves childhood, loves the days spent wandering around his childhood garden, and chose to rent a piece of land for 50 years to realize that dream, but also because Mr. Truong chose to use waste materials to build. build the garden using old bricks, stones or recycled materials.

Mr. Truong devoted a lot of enthusiasm to the garden.

All raw materials are estimated at about 10 thousand yuan. For 16 years, his garden and his passion inspired many gardeners around the world.

From a piece of wasteland, the garden appeared in a short time. Spaces filled with weeds were quickly “defeated” with determination. Every day, his main job is to take care of the plants and improve his garden the way he wants.

When starting the design, he sketched detailed drawings. During the actual construction and renovation of the garden, the space was cleverly renovated with an impressive shape like a green park.

The large garden not only has layers of trees, lawns, paths or rows of colorful flowers that bloom when the sun comes up, but also has a large 300m2 pond with two lovely black swans and many fish as frames. The scene is more peaceful.

Lush green plants and Western-style planning.
Sunny yard.
He works hard to beautify the garden every day.

On the left side of the garden, Mr. Truong planted bamboo to create a fresh, green space when it is windy. That place is also a small corner where he built a house for the whole family to live and enjoy the fresh, green space.

The area is green and bright with flowers and leaves.

In the garden there is also a small landscape corner with lovely Koi fish, and a place to sit and cool off under a tree. The garden has more than 1,000 types of plants. The best time for people to visit and see that green space is in spring or fall.

The colorful and blooming flowers are his joy when he is devotedly cared for and devotedly looked at. Mr. Truong shared: ” I like green and light, like to enjoy the endless summer with the colorful and fragrant space in the garden .”

Therefore, besides precious plants, he also plants many seasonal flowers to make the space more romantic and charming.

The entrance to the house is as beautiful as in a fairy tale.

Fall is when the garden sheds its leaves, and in winter when snow comes to cover the garden, he chose to build a greenhouse for plants that like warm climates so that when spring comes, when the snow melts, his garden will return. into an impressive spring house.

In that vast garden of 5,000 square meters, people notice many interesting things about life, from the flowers he passionately cultivates and selects, to the rows of trees, paths, to the animals that adorn him. lovely beauty for the garden.

In the garden there are not only trees and flowers but also some peacocks, dogs, horses, cats… The owner of the garden sets aside a part of the area for animals to live in the environment they love. He even reserved a small corner as a “cemetery” when they passed away.

He and his 5-year-old granddaughter leisurely played in the garden.
He taught me interesting things from nature and life.

The sidewalks along the garden’s walkway are paved with old bricks “picked up” from industrial parks and buildings under construction. Besides, there is also a lot of cheap wood used. He bought the sculptures in the garden at European decoration stores…

His little granddaughter is 5 years old this year. The girl’s happiest time is spending weekends with her grandfather, playing with animals or having him teach her the names of plants.

In that garden, the laughter and happy moments of family members chatting together are preserved.

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