Arteta must think carefully if he wants to recruit Pedro Neto | Football

«The future and long-term ambitions don’t matter, » Wolverhampton Wanderers winger Pedro Neto said in October when asked for his thoughts amid being linked with Arsenal.

A day later, he left Molineux on a stretcher after suffering a serious hamstring injury. Previously, Neto had an assist in the 2-2 draw with Newcastle, scoring 8 goals in Premier League matches.

However, the Portuguese player returned after December 30. This was truly considered a relief for Gary O’Neil, who feared his player would have to sit out longer. Previously, Neto was no stranger to the physical therapy room.

Neto is often injured.

In April 2021, the Portuguese star suffered a knee injury and was out of action for 10 months. Then, last season, an ankle injury kept him out from September 2022 to March 2023. Now, Neto has a hamstring problem, forcing the Portuguese player to rest. played in the 2-1 win over Fulham.

It comes as a blow not only to Wolves but also to Neto’s hopes of a costly transfer. Arsenal are said to still be interested in the 24-year-old, who has five caps for the national team and scored one goal.


Either way, Wolverhampton may eventually be forced to sell Neto. They are said to be about to break the Premier League’s spending limit, although they will not face any penalties this season.

However, Mikel Arteta may have to think twice before making an offer to buy. The Portuguese attacker – who has more than three years left on his current contract – will want to play regularly.

Bukayo Saka, Gabriel Martinelli and Leandro Trossard will all be ahead of the Portuguese player in order of priority, not to mention Gabriel Jesus has shown he can play as a winger if needed. But more importantly, Arteta may be concerned the money spent does not meet expectations in the very strict FFP era.


Neto’s injury history is complex and Arteta will not want to lose his expensive contract for a long time. Another thing to consider is that the Gunners’ other positions must also receive more attention.

A central striker is expected to be brought in, while a further midfielder, and perhaps a reserve centre-back, could be on the shortlist. Buying more wingers at the moment seems unnecessary, even if Reiss Nelson is expected to leave Emirates Stadium at the end of the season.

Arsenal has no shortage of people in Neto’s position.

But even if this is the Gunners’ priority, Neto’s 3 goals and 11 assists in 23 games this season probably cannot make up for his injury history. That is a very unfortunate thing.

Contrary to his October statement, the Portuguese’s long-term ambitions will be very important. He may be eyeing a move to a Champions League side, but it seems Arsenal will not be the club to make a suitable offer in the current circumstances.

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