At auction, a unique McLaren Senna LM is anticipated to bring around $1.5 million.

There are only seven McLaren Senna LM models in this unique shade of bright orange and one of them is for sale.

This is an ultra-rare iteration of the McLaren Senna LM and RM Sotheby’s expects it to fetch at least $1.5 million at an upcoming action in Paris.

Only 20 units have been built, and only seven exist in this particular colorway.

The bright orange paint is definitely a key selling point here.

McLaren calls it ‘Papaya Orange’ and it is beautifully paired with titanium grey wheels and a matching (and massive) wing.


The interior is a triumph of carbon fiber.

The bucket seats and steering wheel are crafted from carbon, and the same material was also used for the center console and the dashboard. orange McLaren Senna LM, interior

orange McLaren Senna LM, interior seats There’s not a lot in terms of upholstery, as it were.

The dashboard is covered in dark grey suede and the seats are upholstered in orange Alcantara.

And that’s about it, the rest is exposed carbon.

If anything, we think this colorway makes the Senna even more desirable.

As is often the case with similar hypercars, this Senna LM has never been used.

It has never been used on the road – or on track.

It comes in with only 43 km (26 miles) on the clock, all of which have been done moving the car to and from the garage it lives in to have it serviced.

According to pre-auction estimates courtesy of RM Sotheby’s, the Senna is expected to fetch anywhere between €1.4 million – €1.6 million.

That’s $1.52 million – $1.74 million in US Dollars.

About the McLaren Senna LM

The LM is a track-focused iteration of the Senna.

LM stands for Lanzante Motorsport, a British company that helped McLaren build this track-going monster.

Under the hood lives a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, putting out 814 hp, the same as the Senna GTR.

Fun fact: only five units were built for the US market, and all five were sold to the same VIP collector in Florida.

However, one of these was later resold to former F1 driver Adrian Sutil.

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