At the fashion presentation, Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez joyously giggled and spoke.

It can be said that fashion shows are not only «hot» because of the costumes presented to the public by designers but also because of the names on the guest list. The moments when guests interact with each other or their emotions when seeing the collection are also one of the topics that many netizens are interested in.

The three Kardashian sisters (Kim, Kourtney, Khloé) and Selena Gomez appeared in the front row at the Beach Bunny brand fashion show in 2010.

Go back in time to 14 years ago, when then-IT Girl Kim Kardashian and teenage star Selena Gomez shared the same frame while sitting next to each other and laughing happily at a Beach Bunny fashion show. making today’s netizens excited. This pair of stars who were once friends are now standing on two different front lines. When standing in the same frame, their charisma and charisma are clearly different, but they are still «ten to ten.» .

The moment Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian appeared in the same frame made netizens excited.

Selena was then just a girl in her twenties, and she and her colleagues like Miley Cyrus were known as the two teen queens. This female artist born in 1992 exudes the sweet, delicate beauty of a 22-year-old girl. Taylor Swift’s best friend wore a pink off-the-shoulder dress combined with hoop earrings and a loose bun hairstyle, making her look more youthful and on trend in 2010.

On the contrary, the «queen of many tricks» at that time, Kim Kardashian, wore a black lace dress design with a super sexy deep-cut chest. Kim also wears long, «glamorous» hair and tanned skin, making her more attractive and seductive, consistent with the charisma of a woman in her 30s.

Close-up of the beauty of the two stars at that time.

Over time, the two stars have also had many changes in appearance: Selena today has a charming beauty, but her beauty fluctuates due to Lupus erythematosus, and Kim Kardashian still follows the same sexy style. Hot hourglass body but in a bolder direction than before.

The current beauty of two stars: One has a spectacular change, the other still maintains the «sticky and meat» style.

Some comments from netizens:

– Kim looks scary these days. Completely different from Kim Kardashian’s current ideology.

– Senela looks so different now.

– Suddenly, looking at the photo, I fell in love with Mrs. Kim’s beauty before she used botox.

– Selena was really pretty back then, her face looked really young.

More than a decade ago, the relationship between this star couple was said by the media to be quite harmonious, Selena also met many times with the Kardashian family. However, since the «war» and disagreements online and in real life between Kim and her ex-husband Kanye and pop star Taylor Swift, she has no longer contacted or mentioned Kim or her other members. Another member of the Kardashian – Jenner family. Selena also repeatedly stood up to defend her close friend Taylor Swift against criticism from the media and public opinion.

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