Audi unveiled a Formula One racer featuring a massive engine block.

.The F1 racing car bearing the Audi logo will be presented at the Shanghai exhibition

The F1 racing car bearing the Audi logo will be unveiled at the Shanghai exhibition taking place on April 18.

On April 18, at the Shanghai auto show, German car company Audi will launch its new F1 racing car. Audi’s F1 racing car has a contrasting red/black color scheme.

The number of spectators watching F1 races in China has increased sharply in recent years. Bringing the car to China will be appreciated by fans after multiple cancellations of the Grand Prix race in China due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In August 2022, Audi announced its intention to enter Formula 1 as an engine supplier for the 2026 season. A few months later, the luxury automaker part of the Volkswagen group reached an agreement with Sauber.

By the end of January 2023, Audi acquired a small stake in the Sauber F1 racing team. Displaying F1 racing cars is part of Audi’s plan to reveal more of the German car company’s activities in speed sports.

F1 cars will run on fully synthetic fuel instead of today when renewable ethanol only makes up 10% of the total mix. V6 turbocharged engines will still be used, but electric power will account for up to 50% of total power.

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