Austin Reaves Unveils Quirky New Sneakers with Golf Course Inspiration

As Austin Reaves gears up for a summer of golfing adventures, he’s not just hitting the greens; he’s making a bold statement with the release of his latest Rigorer AR1 sneaker colorway. Departing from the traditional basketball court, Reaves is ready to conquer the fairways and declare himself the top golfer in the NBA, challenging even the likes of Stephen Curry.imageimageimage

Partnering with KICKS CREW and Rigorer has been a game-changer for Reaves, amplifying his brand both on and off the court. The success of his previous signature sneaker releases has paved the way for an exciting new collaboration inspired by his passion for golf—the “Hillbilly Bogey” edition. This unique partnership marks Reaves’s seventh trademark release, blending elements of basketball and golf into a seamless fusion of style and performance.imageimage

In a recent interview, Reaves expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to merge two of his greatest passions—basketball and golf—through his signature sneaker line. The “Hillbilly Bogey” AR1 sneakers feature a striking color scheme reminiscent of lush green fairways, with playful details such as a golfing avatar on the tongue and a bubble lacing system adorned with faux grass.image

But these sneakers are more than just a fashion statement; they’re a testament to Reaves’s dedication to his craft. Crafted to perfection according to his precise measurements, the Rigorer AR1 boasts a woven cocoon upper symbolizing Reaves’s ongoing evolution as a player. With a low-court feel and maximum energy return, thanks to the Showtime foam tech outsole, these sneakers are designed for peak performance on and off the court.imageimageimage

With top-notch traction and TPU plates for lockdown and injury prevention, the “Hillbilly Bogey” AR1s are as functional as they are stylish. They’re a reflection of Reaves’s commitment to excellence in everything he does, whether sinking three-pointers or sinking putts on the golf course. So, as Reaves prepares to tee off his summer adventures, one thing’s for sure—his latest sneaker drop is bound to be a hole-in-one.

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