Beautiful Images of Landscapes and Nature

The images of beautiful natural landscapes captivate people. Scenes of vast mountains and forests, beautiful flower fields, ice and snow peaks, seascapes, rivers and waterfalls, vast ocean and island scenes, sunrises, sunsets… All of them paint the colorful and beautiful and rich in natural vitality..

Are you looking for beautiful nature photos, or landscape images for your computer and phone? Do you want to admire the beauty of many strange lands around the world? Let’s explore with Quick Tips through the collection below.


Stunningly beautiful landscape images of pristine nature.

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Pictures of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world


Natural landscape at Peyto Lake – Canada with turquoise water. It is located in the middle of a temperate coniferous forest in the cool spring weather, as beautiful as a fairy’s abode. Makes everyone admire and praise.

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Natural images of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, as beautiful as paintings, used as desktop wallpapers (full-HD resolution 1920×1080 pixels).


The natural landscape is as beautiful as a masterpiece of God’s art. The strait area of Bali island, Indonesia deserves to be listed at the top of my list.


Unbelievably beautiful scene captured by photographer at Bali beach. I believe that just looking at this photo will make you want to take a trip to this place this summer, right?


Beautiful and captivating image of nature when spring comes, cherry blossom forests blooming throughout the mountains and hills, in the Hanamiyama area of Fukushima province, Japan. This place is definitely the most ideal place for you and your family to travel in the spring. Let’s watch the peach blossoms bloom, enjoy a cup of fragrant tea… It’s wonderful

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Natural wallpapers of clear sunrise landscapes on the plains and hills with beautiful, picturesque flowers blooming.


Beautiful and clear landscape wallpaper at Navagio beach, Greece. Although famous, Navagio is a bit difficult to reach because it is located deep below a small C-shaped bay. A wonderful beach with white sand and clear blue water.


Beautiful, vivid images of kingfishers diving into the water to hunt for prey vividly through every moment..


Natural image of a beautiful sad afternoon like in a mythological movie in the fishing village at the foot of Dom Luís I bridge (or Luís I bridge). It is a bridge connecting the two cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia in Portugal.


Brilliantly beautiful natural landscape wallpapers for desktop – Picturesque world.


Beautiful 4k nature photo with a tree standing tall in the middle of a meadow in the bright autumn weather.

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The autumn sunrise on a mountainous area looks magnificent, with brilliant yellow and orange light (4k photo)

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Maple leaves of all kinds of colorful colors add to the magic and splendor of mother nature. ( 4k wallpaper )


Beautiful landscape image in the Torridon region – Scotland on a summer morning.

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An early morning in Valdorcia, Italy. The valley with small undulating hills is covered with green grass and low trees.


Nature wallpaper for phones – winding road through houses in the hills of Valdorcia, Italy.


Picturesque natural beauty in an early autumn morning, looking down from above at Bled church (Slovenia). It looks prominent on the lake surface like the pearl of God.


grand canyon wallpaper – Harsh but beautiful nature in the ancient rocky valley Canyon, USA.

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Beautiful natural background image – Snowy mountain peaks, yellow maple leaf forests reflecting on the lake surface.

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Natural photos of wonderful clear landscapes in the coastal region of Northern Europe. If I’m not mistaken, it is located in Norway.


Majestic landscape paintings of nature drawn by the artist on the computer.


Image of sea of clouds and snowy ice peaks on the majestic Himalayan mountains. Click on the photo to clearly feel the feeling of ice and snow on the road “to heaven”!


Beautiful sad nature images with starry sky and magical mountain scenery at night..


Photos of beautiful landscapes of Vietnam’s homeland

Below are the top images of beautiful landscapes in our homeland Vietnam that will definitely make you feel surprised. Please follow:


Beautiful, poetic landscape of the river area in Chau Doc, An Giang. Where there are extremely brilliant purple water lily lakes and rivers.


Vietnam’s landscape is vividly beautiful and original through the image of Ban Gioc waterfall.


Picturesque landscape photo of the tourist destination Trang An, Vietnam (click on the image to enlarge).

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Nature is always beautiful, peaceful and generous

Mother Nature has conceived all things on this Earth, so as a most basic instinct, we humans will feel that nature is beautiful and gentle. Whether you are tired or suffocated by the pressure of work or life, when you immerse yourself in the fresh, spacious space of nature, you will feel relaxed and rediscover your self. that’s me!

Use the beautiful, peaceful and lively natural images in this article as a background for your phone, computer, TV, etc. to help your digital space become friendlier and gentler. . Thank you for your interest in the article. Close!


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