Because the dog was sporting a Messi jersey, it raised a fever.


This dog is not a stranger but is Abu, Antonela Roccuzzo’s pet. Messi’s wife “bought” her own puppy a No. 10 away jersey from Inter Miami.

In the image that Roccuzzo posted on his Instagram page with 40 million followers, Abu is wearing Messi’s number 10 shirt, sitting on a sofa and looking intently out at the field.


Abu’s cute image makes fans unable to sit still. “Messi’s puppy is so adorable,” one person commented.

“I also want a cute dog like this”, “Messi’s number 10 shirt fits Abu very well”, “Does this Messi dog know how to play football”, are some other notable comments. .

Abu is very pampered by Roccuzzo and is considered her fourth child, besides her three sons Thiago, Mateo and Ciro.


In many pictures posted on Messi’s wife’s personal page, Abu is always present. Even when Roccuzzo read a book, Abu also lay next to Messi’s wife.

Abu is a poodle breed, has a gentle personality and needs careful care. A poodle’s curly coat needs to be brushed regularly to prevent tangles and keep it clean and healthy.

In addition, poodle breeds need regular exercise such as walking in the garden to make them feel balanced and happy.


In Messi’s house, besides Roccuzzo, his three sons also love Abu and often play with this adorable dog.

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