Bianca Censori, Kanye West’s new wife, «copies» Kim Kardashian’s signature style.

Bianca Censori and Kim Kardashian have more in common than Kanye West, as it appears that Bianca has taken style inspiration and ‘copied’ Kim on more than one occasion.

Bianca, who married Kanye in 2022 after his divorce from Kim, has been seen looking eerily similar as she appeared to copy the SKIMS founder’s long dark hair and love of sultry makeup as well as wearing similar outfits to her husband’s former partner. Fans have previously pointed out the similarities between the two on more than one occasion, as many ask whether the Donda rapper has a ‘type’ with both Bianca and Kim appearing to look so much alike.

Bianca Censori

Bianca’s latest outfit in silver is similar to the metallic swimwear line released by Kim in 2022 ( Image:

@bkackBelt / BACKGRID)

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian wore a silver bikini two years ago before Bianca’s latest outfit ( Image:


Silver bikini set

Bianca has stepped out in a tiny metallic bra and skirt combination that resembles a look that Kim previously rocked. Bianca, who is known for wearing extremely daring outfits, was seen stepping out with her husband earlier this week while donning the silver micro miniskirt and thong, with her exposing her bum cheeks. She completed the look with a triangle-style bikini bra top, and wore her hair slicked back.

Yet just two years ago in the summer of 2022, Kim’s clothing brand SKIMS famously released a metallic swimwear line with Kim pictured in a silver look.

In 2023 Bianca cut her hair short and died it blonde in. a bid to look different from Kim, who has also experimented with blonde looks in the past ( Image:

GC Images)

Blonde ambition

Bianca naturally bears an uncanny resemblance to Kim with a similar bone structure and figure but last year the architect chopped her long brunette locks into a short blonde bob to switch up her look. Her makeover came shortly after she and Kanye tied the knot, with experts believing she might have drastically changed her hair in a bid to look different to Kim. Whilst Kim has experimented with blonde looks in the past, she’s firmly known for her long dark hair instead.

Highlighting why Bianca might feel the need to change, psychotherapist Jade Thomas previously told The U.S. Sun: «I can imagine it has been very difficult for Bianca to be compared to her new partner’s ex-wife. This comparison could lead to feelings of worthlessness and sets unrealistic expectations of her new relationship. Perhaps this dramatic hair change for Bianca could be a way of turning a new page in her life or relationship, it could also be a way for her to break away from the comparison of her new partner’s ex-wife.»

Bianca Censori

Bianca’s bodyhugging style is thought to be similar to Kim Kardashian ( Image:

Christopher Peterson /

Bianca Censori

The architect has also been seen in head to toe black outfits like Kanye’s former wife ( Image:


Black off-duty chic

Kim and Bianca’s dress sense is also very similar and whilst wearing all black isn’t much of a copy, Bianca has been seen in a very similar style bomber jacket, shiny leggings and vest top that has been seen on The Kardashians star.

In 2023 Kanye and Bianca headed out for a Valentine’s Day meal, with Bianca sporting tight leggings, a long-sleeve top, and knee-high boots. The outfit was a similar look to Kim’s classic bodyhugging style, complete with heeled black boots that Kim has also been known to wear.

Long dark hair and sultry makeup

Before marrying the controversial rapper, Bianca looked a lot like his ex-wife Kim. With a curvaceous figure, toned booty, long raven tresses and a similar facial structure and features, the pair could have passed as twins.

Bianca Censori

Prior to her marriage to Kanye, fans have spotted that Bianca Censori looked eerily like Kim Kardashian ( Image:


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s long dark hair and sultry makeup is a trademark look ( Image:

A selfie from before her marriage to Kanye shows just how much she used to look like Kim. Posing with her hair in braids while in a darkened room, Bianca snapped up a storm in the mirror while holding her phone and posing in a sultry way. In the snap, Bianca looked just like Kim and could even pass as the SKIMS founder’s twin.

Many fans commented on the snap and compared the two, with one asking «Wonder if he also calls her Kim? He’s definitely got a type.»


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