Cute Italian model dismissed after being overshadowed by her beauty Jenner, Kylie

An Italian model has revealed he’s been fired from working at this year’s Met Gala because his rugged good looks upstaged stars including Kylie Jenner.

Eugenio Casnighi, 26, who worked as a greeter for the museum’s previous two events, indicated in a new TikTok video that he has been disinvited from Monday;’s bash by the organizers after his beauty was the talk of the 2023 gala.

‘I just got fired from the Met Gala,’ Casnighi’s video begins, before showing a picture of him standing next to Kylie Jenner at the 2023 gala.

‘Remember me?’ he asks while pointing at the picture.

Eugenio Casnighi was disinvited from the Met Gala after his stunning looks overshadowed Kylie Jenner's during last year's event
Casnighi worked as a greeter at the 2023 Met Gala, during which his rugged looks quickly caught people's attention

The clip then shows a flashback to last year’s event, organized by Vogue magazine editor Anna Wintour, where Emma Chamberlain is interviewing Blackpink’s Jennie Kim.

Casnighi is standing in the background doing his job, but the person recording the interview was apparently blindsided by his good looks.

The camera drifts away from Chamberlain and Kim and focuses on Casnighi’s face.

It was footage that went viral with text appearing on the screen that said: ‘Trying to focus on Emma interviewing Jennie but…’

Casnighi, who worked for the Met Gala as a model and greeter for 2022 and 2023, said that he had previously been unable to address all the attention because he was under an NDA.

‘It’s funny enough,’ the model said, ‘they fired me so I can say whatever I want now.’

Casnighi divulged he was supposed to do be back again this year – but was shocked to find out earlier that he isn’t welcome, despite being confirmed to attend a month ago.

The event’s organizers said that Casnighi was at fault for all of the attention.

‘They blamed me,’ the model said. ‘They said «you made it about yourself, so we don’t want to work with you anymore».

‘They let me know today that they cut me off,’ he said. ‘They fired me because I went viral last year.’

Casnighi said that he has emails and messages that corroborate his claims.

Speaking to on Saturday after posting the video, Casnighi lifted the lid on what it was like to be a part of the coveted event.

He revealed that at the past two Met Galas, one mysterious celeb ‘got in trouble because they started smoking in the tent before the stairs.’

‘That’s not allowed,’ Casnighi explained. ‘But this person did not care. They are very famous, so they can do whatever they want,’ he added, declining to reveal who the celebrity was.

In his TikTok, the Italian model revealed that the Gala fired him from working this year's event a mere three days before it's scheduled to happen

The Italian model said that the organizers asked the celebrity to stop smoking.

In response, Casnighi said the celebrity retorted: ‘No, what are you going to do about that?’

In his experience working the event, Casnighi found everyone to be nice.

While he wouldn’t say that any of the guests ‘have been rude to him,’ he revealed how when the celebrities first arrive, they aren’t sure who is working the event and who is attending it.

‘I’m not wearing a name tag, so at first they don’t know if I’m an employee. And when realize I’m working there…some people completely change,’ he said.

‘They kind of vanish. They stop talking to me and start talking to the actual guests.’

At last year's gala, an interview between Emma Chamberlain and Jennie Kim quickly went viral after the cameraperson grew distracted by Casnighi's drop-dead beauty
The camera's gaze quickly drifted from Chamberlain and Kim and lingered on Casnighi

 Referencing last year’s event, he says he was expecting to be working with Kylie Jenner all night as he had been instructed to do, with duties including getting the reality star ‘whatever she needed’ – but feels disappointed by the decision to remove him from the carpet, with just two day’s notice.

‘It’s funny because the Met Gala and the company that I’m not going to mention…want models to work the red carpet,’ he told his fans on TikTok.

‘They want people to get noticed. They literally told me «we picked you because we like you more than other people».

‘But when people took pictures of the actual celebrity, like Kylie Jenner and was next to her, of course I ended up in the picture.’

Jenner and her sister Kim Kardashian’s changing appearances over the years have sparked speculation that they’ve rebuilt their faces and bodies with plastic surgeries.

Casnighi told that he encountered Jenner at a party in Brooklyn after the event and that she ‘might have got a little bit more’ work done.

‘I was a guest there,’ Casnighi said about the party. ‘In that case, I was talking to her as a guest. It was a very different. I wasn’t working for her.

‘I do have to say that when I met her the first time at the Met Gala last year…she looked amazing.

‘I wouldn’t say it’s a natural look, but she never denied that she got work done.’

Casnighi added that he’s ‘supportive’ of surgery ‘if you feel better with yourself.’

‘I still think she’s beautiful,’ he said of Jenner.

In an exclusive interview with the mailonline, Casnighi revealed that one celebrity, who he declined to name, tried to smoke a cigarette inside the Met Gala's tent
Casnighi said that while he wouldn't call Kylie Jenner's beauty 'a natural look,' he still thinks 'she's beautiful'. He is pictured with Kylie and her sister Kim, who's also rumored to have rebuilt her face and body with cosmetic surgery multiple times

 Viewers of his update online quickly rushed to the heartthrob’s defense.

‘They can’t handle your beauty that goes viral. Will DEFINITELY be happening again,’ one TikTok user gushed.

One individual was confused by the organizers’ frustration and remarked: ‘I’m confused how that isn’t a good thing? If you’re bringing attention to the event, doesn’t that benefit the company?’

No longer under an NDA with the Met Gala's organizers, Casnighi is now free to discuss his ouster

‘They are hating you because you look perf,’ another wrote.

‘Now let’s manifest you getting invited as a GUEST of a designer,’ one user said.

At the end of the video, Casnighi said that he would continue to shed light on his termination.

‘I can say much more, because legally I can say whatever I want now.’

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