Encounters with Extraterrestrials: Observing the Unreal Scenes of Earth’s Undiscovered Regions

#1 Mount Roraima located in eastern Venezuela. This spectacular mountain is the highest point of the Tepuyes plateau chain located for the most part in Venezuela, it stands out more than a thousand meters above the forest of the park and is considered one of the oldest geological areas on the planet

#2 Abraham Lake in Alberta, Canada This strange natural phenomenon makes this lake one of the most special in the world. What we see is nothing more than bubbles that freeze before rising to the surface

#3 Pamukkale in Denizli province, southwestern Turkey. The translation into Spanish would be “Cotton Castle” and it is located in the southwest of Turkey. Naturally, thick layers of limestone and travertine are produced that goes down the slope, simulating an icy landscape, but nothing to do with reality: the region where they are found has a temperate climate throughout the year.

#4 Skaftafell Glacier in Reykjavik, Iceland This otherworldly landscape is found in Iceland, sheltered by the Vatnajökull National Park, the largest in Europe. The park is also home to gigantic waterfalls.

#5 Fly Geyser in Nevada, USA. The flying geyser. In 1916 a group of men drilled the land in search of water for the crops and plantations they had in the area. They found water, but it was thermal and had a temperature of 200ºC. Within a few years, the conduit that this group of men had opened served as an escape route to the water. The carbonate sediments have painted the stone red, leaving a spectacular landscape

#6 Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park, China. Located in the northwest of the People’s Republic of China, this park extends over 300 square km. The different minerals were painting these mountains as if they were an artist

#7 Emerald ice on Lake Baikal located in the southern Russian region of Siberia. The oldest known lake in the world. Located almost in a desert area of ​​Siberia, this beautiful lake, which the locals often call “the pearl of Asia, ” is specifically located between Irkutsk Oblast and the Republic of Buryatia, south of Siberia. It is estimated to be approximately 25 million years old and 1,680 meters deep, making it the deepest lake globally.

#8 Glowworms Cave on the North Island of New Zealand These caves are located in Waitomo. Its greatest peculiarity is the existence of glow worms type fireflies, which decorate the interior of the caves, leaving images as beautiful as this one

#9 Naica Mine in Chihuahua, Mexico This immense mine is known worldwide for the formation of crystals inside. However, none of its chambers is open to the public since the temperatures inside are so high that even the geological study has been blocked

#10 Dallol volcano in Ethiopia. It is one of the most dangerous and beautiful places on Earth. The area around the Dallol volcano in Ethiopia is covered in salt, acid, toxic fumes and oozing magma. A team of scientists looks there for the origin of life. From a geological point of view, this peak in Africa is a mine. It is also one of the most inhospitable areas in the world: an ‘extra’

#11 Giants Causeway located in Northern Ireland. The Giant’s Causeway is a geological singularity and the undisputed star of the journey along the east coast of County Antrim, the most visited natural enclave in Northern Ireland. This prodigy is made up of about 40,000 basalt columns, most of them hexagonal, that descend in stages to the sea. According to legend, it arose from the fight between two giants, the Irish Finn McCool and the Scotsman Bennandoner, who continually threw rocks at each other, so many that it ended up forming a stone path over the water. The Giant’s Causeway was created during an eruption 55 to 60 million years ago. A large lava flow must have been trapped in a slope in the terrain. The upper part, exposed to the air, cooled faster than the lower part. As they contracted, the polygonal columns were formed, similar to how clay soil cracks when it loses water

#12 The Dragon Blood trees, Socotra, Yemen. If you made it this far, please help us to share the ALBUM and help us reach more people. Thank You.

#13 Painted Dunes, Lassen Volcanic National Park in California, USA Located in the Lassen Volcanic National Park, these dunes are made up of layers of oxidized volcanic ash

# 14 Los Coloradas, Yucatan, Mexico

# 15 Red Beach in Panjin, China. With an area of ​​more than three thousand hectares, it owes its red colour to a local plant called sargadilla marina. For this reason, it is not red all year round, the best date to visit is in autumn, which will have the best hue

# 16 Grand Prismatic Spring in Wyoming, United States. It is located in Yellowstone National Park, being the largest source of hot springs in the entire United States and the third in the world.

#17 Ianzi Moutains in China. They are located in the Hunan province, southeast of China. The park has more than 3,100 stone pillars, all of the different heights, some of them reaching 800 meters. As a curiosity, James Cameron was inspired by this park to make the Avatar world

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