F1 Duty’s new Vantage unveiled

Aston Martin is bringing innovation to the front of the Formula 1® grid in 2024 with its most driver-focused Vantage ever. Perfectly tuned and uniquely equipped to lead the pinnacle of motorsport around the Grand Prix™ circuits of the world, the new Vantage is ready to take up its leading role as an Official FIA Safety Car of Formula 1®. A specially equipped version of the high-performance Vantage will lead all 20 F1® cars on the formation lap for this weekend’s FORMULA 1® STC SAUDI ARABIAN GRAND PRIX 2024, before taking its place at the exit of the pit lane, ready to roar into action should it be required to intervene and control the pace of the F1® race.

Revealed just three weeks ago alongside its ‘Brothers in Speed’ – the Vantage GT3 racer and AMR24 F1® challenger – the new Vantage is an authentic, unadulterated celebration of pure performance, engineered to deliver maximum thrills with maximum confidence and perfectly reflects the most dynamic period in Aston Martin’s 111-year history.

Marco Mattiacci, Global Chief Brand and Commercial Officer of Aston Martin

“The Vantage is the very essence of the Aston Martin brand, so to see the fastest, most driver-focused Vantage yet play such an important role in the prestigious FIA Formula One World Championship™ is a source of great pride for us. For brand awareness, there is no global, high-octane sporting series that can match F1®. Building on the natural synergies between the sport and Aston Martin, racing fans will not only see the Aston Martin Aramco Formula One® Team AMR24’s on track but also two of our most exciting performance models, Vantage and the award-winning DBX707.”

Twin-Turbo mill

Powered by a potent, hand-built 4.0 Twin-Turbo V8 engine, the new Vantage is the fastest of its breed, delivering a 30% increase on power over the previous model, ensuring the Vantage Safety Car is quick off the line, every time. Such is the performance of the new road-going Vantage, it required no engine upgrade, no changes to its cooling system and no upgrade in braking performance to adapt it for its role as FIA Safety Car. It was born for this role.

Bernd Mayländer, FIA Safety Car Driver, comments

“It is a pleasure to drive the Aston Martin Vantage. The car comes from an incredible bloodline and this newest version is the fastest yet. My first impressions were very positive as I could immediately feel the improvement in handling and, of course, power. We need a car that is fast and focused so we can respond quickly and safely when we receive the call for on-track deployment and Vantage provides that. I have enjoyed driving Vantage during the past three seasons and I’m happy to now be one of the first to drive the new Vantage and experience its full performance pedigree on the world’s greatest circuits.”

The new Vantage, the most sporting model in Aston Martin’s portfolio, has gone through a rigorous process to become an Official FIA Safety Car of Formula 1®. To provide maximum attack on the race track, this unique car has additional, modified underfloor aerodynamics, along with an extended and profiled front splitter. For extra downforce a new rear wing has been specifically fitted in a bespoke position with a tuned Gurney. The FIA lightbar has also received new aero-profiling as every millisecond of performance is vital whilst leading the pack of F1® cars with rapidly cooling tires.

Safety Systems

Inside the Vantage Safety Car sits a plethora of systems to assist the driver and passenger in their roles. The production seats have been replaced by Pole Position Seats to keep FIA Safety Car driver Bernd Mayländer and his passenger firmly in place as they circulate at speed. A bespoke center console is fitted with switchgear to work the FIA systems, along with screens showing live lap times, the track positioning of all of the cars, and a rear-view camera. Although functional, the Safety Car is still an Aston Martin so the interior has been finished in a unique Lime Essence trim in a nod to the marque’s own racing colours.

The Vantage Safety Car and DBX707 Medical Car will make their 2024 debut at this weekend’s FORMULA 1® STC SAUDI ARABIAN GRAND PRIX. As in previous years, the cars will be painted in the same Aston Martin Racing Green colors as the Aston Martin Aramco Formula One® Team cars.


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