For $82, Kris Jenner sells an eerie Christmas ornament of herself.

However, matriarch Kris Jenner has found something that her family hasn’t spruiked yet – Christmas ornaments.

The 68-year-old has teamed up with ‘The Ornament King’ Christopher Radko to release a Christmas bauble made in her likeness.

While the eye-watering price tag of $82 may shock some fans, it’s all for a good cause, with the proceeds going to Susan G. Komen’s breast cancer charity.

Posing with the glass ornament on Instagram, Kris wrote, ‘You guys know how much I love Christmas. So I’m excited to share the Pink Power ornament, the first ever breast cancer charity ornament by the Ornament King.’

Kris Jenner has launched her own Christmas ornament to raise money for a breast cancer charity
The bauble, which bears a striking resemblance to the 68-year-old, is on sale for $82

She added, ‘Proceeds from the sale of this custom, hand-made ornament will go to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation.’

While most fans showered Kris with praise, one was stunned by how early she was selling holiday trinkets, writing, ‘Kris. It’s May.’

‘I love Kris but I don’t need an ornament of her on my Christmas tree,’ complained another.

‘Isn’t it too early for Christmas shopping?’ asked another.

Kris recently revealed why she can’t treat her grandchildren to quality one-on-one time with her.

The Kardashian matriarch, 68, has 13 grandchildren aged four months to 14 years old, with Kendall Jenner her only remaining child who does not yet have a family of her own.

Kris said she was deterred from trying to ‘really get to know’ them all as she joked it would take her ‘half a month’ and leave her broke – despite being worth an estimated $200 million.

'Proceeds from the sale of this custom, hand-made ornament will go to the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation,' she told fans
Kris promoted the ornament on social media, leaving some fans shocked that she'd sell holiday items in early May
While most fans showered Kris with praise, one was stunned by how early she was selling holiday trinkets, writing, 'Kris. It's May'

‘I often say to myself that I really should be the kind of grandmother that takes my grandchild to dinner, like once a month,’ she said at Los Angeles magazine’s The L.A. Woman Luncheon.

‘Like really get to know your grandchild and see what’s happening in school and all this stuff. And I thought if I did that, that would take half a month, just to go out to dinner with my grandkids.

‘And I am like, nope not going to do that. They’re not getting that out of me.’

Kris said her decision to refrain from taking them out was bolstered by a recent dinner with her daughter Kourtney Kardashian’s eldest son Mason, 14, in which she promised to buy him a car if he avoided drink and drugs before he turns 16.

‘I think I did make a little mistake because I took Mason out to dinner, and I was in a really good mood,’ she recalled. ‘I probably had a vodka or something, I don’t know I wasn’t driving.

‘But we met at dinner because he likes to go have sushi and I was like, “Listen if you don’t drink or do drugs until you’re sixteen, and you can prove it – you know it involves testing and all sorts of stuff – I will buy you a car for your sixteenth birthday.”

‘And he loved that and what I realized that I have to do that 13 times. I’m going broke! Thirteen times.’

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