Georgina Rodríguez se dirige a los detractores: navegando por las acusaciones de «crítica de la moda», «extravagancia» y «exhibiciones frecuentes de bolsos de lujo»

Spanish beauty Georgina Rodriguez is considered Cinderella in real life. She has a fairy tale love story with Portuguese football player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Georgina Rodriguez herself also realized that her life had changed dramatically, she went from “having nothing in her hand” to “having everything in her hand”. On social networks, Rodriguez’s posts constantly show off. She shows that she is enjoying luxury, wealth, and fashion in her daily life.

This caused a lot of controversy, many people thought that Rodriguez overrepresented herself and caused her to gradually lose public sympathy. Many times rumors of Ronaldo and Rodriguez breaking up arose with the reason given being that Ronaldo was annoyed by his girlfriend’s constant display.

This display is shown even more clearly in the documentary series I Am Georgina revolving around the life of the Spanish beauty.

Many netizens believe that Rodriguez is a typical example of the newly rich group. Rodriguez always likes to appear and dazzle with expensive costumes and jewelry. Every time Rodriguez steps out of the house it’s on display. She can wear diamond jewelry worth millions of dollars to the stadium to cheer her boyfriend on.

Each of Rodriguez’s photos shared on social networks is intended to show off, from her beauty, figure, to dresses and jewelry. Not to mention the context of photography is often on airplanes, yachts, lavish villas, luxury restaurants…

As the controversy surrounding Rodriguez’s style continues to arise, Swedish style expert Anna Bey (37 years old) spoke up to share her personal opinion. Anna Bey currently lives in London (UK) and Geneva (Switzerland). She is a quite famous style expert in the UK.

According to Anna Bey, although Georgina Rodriguez constantly displays expensive brands, Rodriguez’s way of dressing still needs more sophistication.

Georgina Rodriguez’s style does not belong to the “hidden rich, hidden luxury” group.

According to Anna Bey, it seems that Rodriguez still coordinates her clothes according to her own preferences, she does not have the support of a style expert. This makes Rodriguez own an overwhelming number of branded items, but she cannot create a unique style that stands out.

Rodriguez simply chooses branded items that she loves. She often uses items that, at a glance, people know which brand they are from, such as items with a large logo appearing in a prominent position.

Rodriguez also often chooses outstanding designs from brands, so her style does not yet have a high-class mystery, nor is it a “hidden, hidden rich” style.

Sometimes, Rodriguez even combines things to an extreme level, for example, she often uses many pieces of jewelry with impressive designs even in non-special contexts. The image that often appears on Rodriguez’s social network account is her hand covered in diamond jewelry, she can wear many types of bracelets, rings, watches…

In addition, Rodriguez also regularly takes photos on Ronaldo’s plane and private spaceship and shares the photos on social networks. In fact, according to Anna Bey, this is also something that should be avoided if Rodriguez wants to pursue the elegant style of a rich “senior” person. Constantly bragging and showing off what you have is something that long-term rich people always avoid.

In fact, 7 years ago, Rodriguez was a salesperson who went to work by bus, which she happily shared in the documentary series. Rodriguez’s current life has changed a lot. She can freely choose branded items without worrying about price.

Expert Anna Bey said that Rodriguez may still be in “culture shock” when she suddenly became rich. All of the drastic changes in Rodriguez’s life have occurred within the past 7 years. Psychologically, Rodriguez may still be in the “culture shock” often seen in the newly rich group, which is excessive display and expression.

In fact, Rodriguez is only 29 years old. She first met Ronaldo when she was 22 years old. Rodriguez admitted that she was shocked by Ronaldo’s wealth and had to learn to get used to that overwhelming wealth.

Maybe, even at the present time, Rodriguez still needs to learn to get used to wealth and a completely different lifestyle compared to her life 7 years ago.

In addition, according to Anna Bey, elegant luxury style is not something that all rich people aim for. Not everyone is interested in the “hidden rich, hidden luxury” style.

Georgina Rodriguez has no need to present herself as a high-class woman. In the documentary series I Am Georgina, the beauty happily shared about the work she used to do before meeting Ronaldo. She used to work as a waitress, cleaner, salesperson…

Rodriguez was born into a poor family in Spain. Her father was once in prison for transporting and selling banned substances. In adulthood, Rodriguez left his hometown to go to Madrid to look for work.

At first, Rodriguez took on unstable seasonal jobs. After that, she was hired as a salesperson at a fashion store. Gradually, Rodriguez accumulated experience in the sales field and was accepted to work at a high-end fashion store.

It was this job that forever changed Georgina Rodriguez’s life. During one shift, she happened to meet a special customer, who was Cristiano Ronaldo. The two quickly noticed each other, and a relationship began.

Rodriguez has been with Ronaldo for 7 years and has 2 children together, why hasn’t the wedding taken place yet?

The two started publicly dating in November 2016. In May 2017, Rodriguez appeared in the first photo shared by Ronaldo on his personal social network account.

At this time, Rodriguez is pregnant with her first child with Ronaldo. Just one month after posting the photo, Ronaldo welcomed twins into the world by using a surrogate. These are Ronaldo’s two stepchildren. Before that, he had a son of his own.

In November 2017, Rodriguez gave birth to her first child with Ronaldo. This is a year after the two publicly dated.

Since then, rumors about the couple about to get married, as well as rumors about the couple about to… break up, have continued to arise.

Regarding Rodriguez, she once expressed her desire to hold an official wedding with Ronaldo. Ronaldo also always affirmed that he wanted to marry Rodriguez. However, the wedding still… hasn’t taken place.

The couple has been together for 7 years, they have two children together. The wedding cannot take place yet, according to Rodriguez, the reason is simply because they lack time, the two have other priorities, Ronaldo is always very busy.

According to expert Anna Bey, each person has a different lifestyle, different concepts and standards. Maybe the reason is exactly what Rodriguez shared, which is that the couple is lacking time and Ronaldo is too busy.

It’s also possible that this couple doesn’t want to live in a traditional way. They don’t see marriage as really important at this time. It’s also possible that this time really isn’t right for the two of them.

In the documentary series, viewers can see how busy Ronaldo is, he is often away from home. Ronaldo himself also admitted this. Ronaldo always spends most of his time and energy on his football career.

Planning a wedding at this time can cause great pressure for both of them, when Ronaldo is still pursuing his top playing career and he is always busy with a tight schedule.

For Rodriguez, she sees accompanying Ronaldo as the “jackpot ticket” of her life. Even though she cannot marry Ronaldo, Rodriguez always shows that she is very happy with what she has.

Rodriguez knows clearly what he gets in return in his relationship with Ronaldo

Many sources believe that there is an agreement between Ronaldo and Rodriguez in case the two parties break up. Accordingly, Ronaldo will support Rodriguez with an amount of 110,000 USD (more than 2.5 billion VND) every month for the rest of his life, if the two break up. This is private support for Rodriguez, not child support.

In addition, the La Finca villa that Ronaldo and Rodriguez often stay in whenever they are in Madrid (Spain) will also be transferred ownership to the 29-year-old beauty, if the two “go their separate ways”.

This shows that even though he is not married, Ronaldo sees Rodriguez as a true partner with clear commitments and responsibilities in all cases.

Rodriguez has been with Ronaldo since 2016, and the two have two daughters. Rodriguez helps Ronaldo take care of household chores and take care of his children, including the couple’s children and Ronaldo’s own children.

Rodriguez takes care of everything about the family so that Ronaldo can focus on his career. In many aspects, Rodriguez has contributed to the success that Ronaldo achieved.

In fact, Ronaldo and Rodriguez have quite similar starting points. They were all born into poor families, the father could not be the breadwinner. Rodriguez’s father is a criminal who trafficked in banned substances and was in prison. Ronaldo’s father was a heavy alcoholic and was never sober enough to talk to his child.

Ronaldo highly values ​​the value of family, he always affirms that for him, family is the most important. Ronaldo wants to have a large family. Over the years, Rodriguez has always shown that she is the perfect choice for Ronaldo.

In the documentary series revolving around herself, Rodriguez shows herself as a family woman, a good mother to her children, including Ronaldo’s own children. The famous player can build his career with peace of mind knowing that all of his children are being well taken care of by Rodriguez.

According to expert Anna Bey, in the relationship between Ronaldo and Rodriguez, timing may be the only factor that still prevents the two from getting married, just as Ronaldo said.

“I always tell Georgina that when everything in our lives is at the right time, then we will get married. I am 1,000% certain that our wedding will happen.” , Ronaldo once said.

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