In Saudi Arabia, Cristiano Ronaldo works out with his 13-year-old kid and flashes his black toenails.

Cristiano Ronaldo was photographed with blue nail polish after taking to social media to share a post-workout photo with his son, Ronaldo Jr.

On Wednesday night, Ronaldo scored his 27th goal of the season as Al-Nassr advanced to the quarter-finals of the Asian Champions League with a 3-0 aggregate win over Al-Fayha.

While some of his teammates might have taken the opportunity to rest after the win, the former Real Madrid and Man United star chose the opposite.

On Thursday morning, Ronaldo shared a photo of himself shirtless next to Ronaldo Jr. after his morning training session.

The duo, wearing just a pair of shorts, posed with bright smiles on their faces as they stood in what appeared to be a home gym.


Cristiano Ronaldo shared a post-workout photo with his son, Ronaldo Jr, on Thursday


The Al-Nassr striker scored his 27th goal of the season as Al-Nassr defeated Al-Fayha 2-0

However, some fans were quick to point out that Ronaldo’s feet appeared to be painted with blue nail polish as he posed for photos.

In the caption for the post, Ronaldo wrote: “Today with my partner.”

Last month, Ronaldo Jr. was compared to his father for his indifferent behavior during a match of the Al-Nassr youth team.

The 13-year-old emerging soccer player appeared aloof while playing for the Saudi Arabian team when an opposing Al-Shabab player tried to chat with him.

The footage shows Ronaldo Jr. placing his finger on his lips and glancing out of the corner of his eye as the child approaches him.

He quickly wrapped his arms around his opponent’s neck to acknowledge him before shrugging – and barely looked at him throughout the interaction, choosing to focus on the game rather than socializing.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo scored the only goal in the first leg against Al-Nassr before scoring against Riyadh on Wednesday night with four minutes left in the second leg.

Ronaldo took advantage of the goalkeeper’s mistake to seal the victory, putting the ball into an empty net after Vladimir Stojkovic blocked a long pass to Marcelo Brozovic and allowed the 39-year-old to finish easily.


Cristiano Ronaldo Jr (left) followed in his father’s footsteps and played for Al-Nassr


The Portuguese player’s goal sealed the 3-0 final victory in the AFC Champions League round of 16 against Al Fayha

Stojkovic was also at fault for Al-Nassr’s opening goal when Otavio headed a cross from Abdullah Al Khaibari’s feet to give the home team the lead in the 17th minute of the match.

Ronaldo almost added a second when his header went wide in the 37th minute, before sealing victory for his side.

This is Ronaldo’s 5th goal in 6 AFC Champions League matches this season and the 2nd goal in 28 appearances in all competitions this season.

Al-Nassr are still aiming for a first continental title and will meet Al-Ain of the United Arab Emirates in the quarter-finals next month after Hernan Crespo’s side beat Uzbekistan’s Nasaf on goal. in stoppage time by Soufiane Rahimi.

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