In the Footsteps of NBA Legend LeBron James: Rising as the Next Big Talent

The 2024 NBA Draft is here, and all of the talk is surrounding a prospect that may very well end up in the second round. But that’s what happens when you just happen to be the son of one of the greatest hoopers of all time.


Bronny James is eligible for this year’s selection, and everyone wants to know which NBA club will take a shot at drafting the son of LeBron James. The rumors and reports have been rampant for months, but we will finally get an answer on Wednesday night.

With that said, he’s not the only kin of the Lakers star surely to enter the headline, Bryce James, the younger brother of Bronny, is also soon going to be taking his sibling’s place in the draft rumor mill. The current high schooler also is expected to generate quite the buzz once his time to make the jump to the professional level comes around.

But when is that time? Here is everything you need to know about Bryce’ draft eligibilty and his background.

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What year is Bryce James?


Bryce just wrapped up his junior year at Sierra Canyon, where he played for the team as a shooting guard.

As a junior, he came off the bench for a loaded Sierra Canyon team that also featured Scottie Pippen’s son, Justin, who is a top 60 recruit in the nation.

As a sophomore, Bryce was still splitting time between the JV and varsity teams at Sierra Canyon. He played 12 varsity, averaging just 3.8 points per game.

Bryce James draft class


Since Bryce is a junior, he is set to graduate from high school in 2025. He will be eligible to enter the NBA after one year of college, making him eligible for the 2026 NBA Draft.

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Bryce James high school


If it feels like Bryce has bounced between a number of high school in his career, it’s because he has.

He started his first two seasons at Sierra Canyon in Chatsworth, Calif., playing with his older brother, Bronny. In April 2023, he announced that he was transferring to attend Campbell Hall in Studio City, Calif.

His time with Campbell Hall was short. After playing in just a few summer league games with the school, he announced in August 2023 he would be making a switch again, this time to take his talents to Notre Dame Sherman Oaks in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

Bronny attended Notre Dame for three months, but then he decided to go back to where ti all begin, returning to Sierra Canyon in Chatsworth, Calif.

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Is Bryce James good?

Bryce is considered to a three-star prospect by most recruiting services.

He’s the No. 148 prospect in the nation per 247Sports, while ESPN has him as the No. 22 player in the state of California and outside of their top 100 nationally.

Bryce has already received DI offers from Duquesne and Ohio State, although he remains uncommitted as of now. Much of the excitement around Bryce revolves around potential rather than production, given his father.

This is what TSN’s Kyle Irving had to say about Bryce and how he compares to Bronny:

“Bryce is not the level of athlete of Bronny but has better NBA size. It has taken him a while to grow into his body. He has started to look much better in his junior year, holding his own against some of the best prospects in his class like No. 2-ranked Cameron Boozer.

Bryce James just dropped 21 points in a matchup against Cameron Boozer

LeBron was on the sidelines coaching for SFG @NikeEYB

— SLAM HS Hoops (@SLAM_HS) May 18, 2024

“Bryce has a good shot that extends well past the high school 3-point line. He is a good finisher and a decent playmaker who can shoot off movement. He still has a ways to go in terms of putting the ball on the floor and creating shots for himself and others.

“Between the two brothers, Bronny is still the better NBA prospect. Bryce may have a higher ceiling if he can continue to develop his skills, but he has a ways to go in order to catch up.”


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