Is the Aston Martin DBX707 the supercar of SUVs?

The latest vehicle to bear the newly designed Aston Martin winged badge is the splurge-worthy DBX707, an undeniably powerful and impressively dynamic evolution of the previous edition.

The original 2022 model was certainly a hard act to follow, considering it was so popular that the new DBX707 is now the single powertrain in the British ultra-luxury performance brand’s SUV portfolio. The Aston Martin DBX707’s unique blend of immense performance, exceptional dynamics, unmatched style and true luxury saw it rapidly ascend to the pinnacle of the sector, as a contender for the title of the king of SUV supercars.

An Inside Look

What’s new exactly in the 2024 edition? Comprehensive upgrades to the interior are central to the new DBX707, with the adoption of Aston Martin’s next-generation state-of-the-art infotainment system and a striking new cabin architecture. This transformative enhancement showcases exemplary deployment of craft and innovation combining immaculate design and indulgent luxury with a formidable suite of connected car technology.

This entirely bespoke multi-screen system features wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto plus multiple USB-C connections and full online connectivity supported by the Aston Martin customer app. Information is displayed using best in class Pure Black touchscreen technology with single and multi-finger gesture control. The main driver’s instrument cluster is a 12.3” screen – 1.5” larger than those found in the DB12 and Vantage — with a second 10.25” central infotainment display screen integrated into the new dashboard and center console.

Striking a balance between touchscreen commands and the tactility of physical switches, DBX707 features buttons for the key mechanical operations of gear selection, drive mode, heating and ventilation, continuing Aston Martin’s philosophy of creating the perfect blend between digital and analogue controls. There are also control switches for suspension, ESP and exhaust, lane keep assist and park distance control, ensuring the most used controls are always conveniently to hand.

Interior Evolution

DBX707 also showcases an all-new interior — the latest evolution of Aston Martin’s bold design that debuted in the DB12 and Vantage models. The striking horizontal design line bisects the upper and lower sections of the new dashboard for a linear theme that reduces the interior height, and increases the use of chrome materials, contemporary veneers and the simplified center console. In other words, this looks more like a luxury sports car than an SUV errand-runner.

Every area of the interior has been enhanced, from the new steering wheel to redesigned D-pull door release handles and elegant vertical air vents, both of which are now matched to bright chrome or dark chrome interior jewellery. New front door veneer panels are larger and available in a variety of new materials, including gloss smoked oak, gloss titanium mesh and updated ziricote wood, piano black and carbon fibre veneers.

Additional detailing comes in the form of micro piping and sateen embroidery. And, of course, there is extensive range of options for personalization via Aston Martin’s bespoke service, Q by Aston Martin.

The Aston Martin Premium Audio 800w 14-speaker audio system now comes standard in the DBX707. The system’s surround sound mode with QuantumLogic® processing delivers an immersive soundscape. But true audiophiles should spring for the optional system developed with Bowers & Wilkins. Aluminium Double Dome tweeters and Continuum® midrange speakers give this 23-speaker, double amplified 1,600W surround sound system serious wow factor, as do 3D headline speakers, bass speakers and a powerful subwoofer.

Exterior Changes & Class-Leading Dynamics

The DBX707 also introduces a number of detail changes to the exterior starting with five new paint colors; Epsilon Black, Helios Yellow, Sprint Green, Malachite Green, and Aura Green – plus the addition of Podium Green, first exclusively available on DBX707 AMR23 Edition. There are two new 23” wheel finishes; new door handles, which power outwards when the car is unlocked; and new flush glass swivel-head door mirrors driven by the a more sophisticated Advanced Driver Assistance System with improved cameras to support the 3D parking camera.

The star of the hardware package is the 707PS/900Nm 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 and 9-speed ‘wet clutch’ automatic gearbox. Mated to a sophisticated all-wheel drive system capable of sending up to 100% of the torque to the rear axle on demand, the DBX707 can launch from 0-60mph in 3.1 seconds and achieve a top speed of 193 mph. With braking power delivered by 420mm front and 390mm rear Carbon Ceramic brakes the DBX707 sits on 22” wheels as standard, with a choice of cast or forged 23” alloy wheels available as options.

Aston Martin engineers tell us they’ve further honed the DBX707’s class-leading dynamics in a quest for continual improvement. It certainly looks good on paper, but we’ll have to let you know later whether they’ve succeeded or not after a Pursuitist gives the sleek beauty a proper road test.

Production of the new DBX707 has begun with first deliveries scheduled to any day now. Starting price is predicted to be $242,000.

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