Kim Kardashian wears a braless ensemble that echoes Bianca Censori’s fashion sense.

Kim Kardashian looked as if she had taken a page from the stylebook of her ex-husband Kanye West’s current wife Bianca Censori during an outing in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The 43-year-old reality TV icon was draped in a backless black ensemble from her go-to fashion house Balenciaga while stepping out in the city’s Woodland Hills neighborhood.

But the Kardashians star’s look was striking similar to an outfit Bianca wore nearly a year ago in June of 2023, down to her platinum-dyed locks.

Kim, who debuted her new ice-blonde hair at the Home Boy Industries’ Lo Maximo Awards on Saturday, flashed some sideboob and posterior in the daring ensemble.

The quirky look featured shoe leggings and a backless halter top, which hung loosely around her torso and was reminiscent of a drooping barber’s cape, as she walked toward her car.

Kim Kardashian was the spitting image of her ex Kanye West's wife Bianca Censori during an outing in LA on Sunday
She wore a backless flowing halter top and black leggings reminiscent of a beige top and gray leggings Bianca wore in Santa Monica in June 2023

She used her arm to tamp down the front of her top to prevent an unfortunately timed breeze from exposing her.

Kim’s makeup looked camera-ready with a muted mauve lip.

The Skims founder protected her eyes in the bright California sun with a bug-eyed pair of dark sunglasses.

Her top was looser and long but similarly designed to Bianca’s earlier beige top, which was tighter on her curvy figure and was tied around her torso with black strings.

She wore leggings like Kim to emphasize her trim figure, but she favored a gray–blue set over Kim’s black leggings.

Unlike the billionaire’s built-in stilettos, Bianca opted for a strikingly angular set of silver glittering mule heels with long, pointy toes and more modest heels.

Kim’s formerly raven locks were styled back in a small bun, while Bianca’s own dyed hair was arranged in a chic pixie cut.

Bianca was pictured in Santa Monica last year when she dined at The Lobster in Santa Monica with Kanye.

Kim recently returned from Washington, DC, where she met with Vice President Kamala Harris on April 25 to discuss criminal justice reform.

President Joe Biden recently offered clemency to 16 people imprisoned for nonviolent drug crimes and four of those newly released inmates were in attendance.

The Biden Administration declared April as Second Chance Month, and the VP offered her thanks for Kardashian’s advocacy and for ‘using your platform in a way that has really lifted up the importance of talking about and being dedicated to second chances.’

‘I’m so honored to be here to continue this fight, to learn more every day, every visit, every administration,’ the apprentice attorney said. ‘I’m just here to help and spread the word.’

Kardashian has worked in a bipartisan effort to help people who have been behind bars for decades due to strict drug laws. Biden said he granted the pardons because they were serving sentences longer than they would have received under ‘current law, policy, and practice.’

Kim flashed some sideboob and posterior in the daring ensemble
Her backless black top looked like a draped barber's cape. It was similar to Bianca's beige top, which was tighter on her curvy figure and tied around her torso with black strings
Kim paired the Balenciaga top with black leggings featuring built-in heels from the same fashion house, while Bianca wore gray leggings and sparkling silver detached mule heels
On April 25, Kardashian met with Vice President Kamala Harris and several former inmates who had been pardoned by the Biden administration. The reality star was praised for criminal justice efforts

In 2018 the advocate met with former President Donald Trump to ask for a commuted sentence for Alice Marie Johnson.

Johnson had served 21 years for a nonviolent drug offense before her sentence was commuted.

Four previously pardoned people were at the meeting and they shared their experiences about founding new businesses or non-profits or volunteering in their communities since their release.

‘Every time I’ve gone and visited a prison, I’ve met some of the smartest individuals with the brightest ideas,’ Kardashian said. ‘And to see the changes that are happening to make their reentry easier, I think, is going to be life changing and give so many people hope.’

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