Kleberson deceived a girl from a respectable family by using MU’s name to take the wealth.

Kleberson – full name Kleberson Williams Pereira – joined MU Club in a transfer worth 6 million USD from Atletico Paranaense Club in the summer of 2012, earning a salary of 40,000 USD/week. It was a real life change for this talented player.

Priscila Rodrigue – the black-haired beauty has known the MU player since he was a penniless person in his native Brazil in 1998 when she was 15 years old and he was 19 years old. son of a shoemaker. Priscila recalls: “At that time he hardly made any money, dressed poorly, smelled bad and had teeth as crooked as half-gnawed corn. But I like him because he is very funny and seems sincere. I’m really stupid!».

The infamy of Kléberson, Manchester United's World Cup-winning flop

But no matter how much she was seduced by Kleberson, Priscila only allowed this guy to touch her breasts because this young woman grew up in a devout Catholic family. «He criticized me for being too old-fashioned, but in the end he had to understand that I was very serious about this.»

She refused to have sex until she was engaged. Priscila promises to dedicate herself to Kleberson if the two become engaged. What followed was a dastardly plot by that player that Priscila only later made public in the Mirror newspaper in 2013. Priscila remembered exactly when that moment came.

In the expose, Priscila bluntly revealed: «The MU star took over my virginity and swore that I would be his only lover. Then he dumped me for a teenage dancer.”


In a broken state, Priscila said that Kleberson had sworn that they would always be together until the end of their lives. But it turns out, those are the «reputable» words of a serious love hunter who knows how to use MU’s reputation and money to trick girls.

“He proposed to me in the spring of 2002 right before he left for the World Cup finals in Japan and Korea. He promised that I would be the only woman in his life. It was like an oath before God and I believed him.

He gave me the biggest engagement ring I’ve ever seen in my life. It is studded with 43 diamonds and engraved with the words MBBG which means My Beautiful Girl. That’s why I agreed to give him my thousand gold.»

Before this attack, Priscila was completely knocked out. She agrees to go to the hotel with Kleberson to change from a girl to a woman. She shyly said: «Because we both lack experience in bed, we learned about this dish from adult magazines. But after we made love for the first time we were both ready. And then we both cried like two babies.»

Over the following weeks, they continued their relationship and became more adventurous. “Kleberson loved my body,” Priscila said. He said I was a perfect woman. He likes me in black underwear, things like that. But he was always very concerned about my feelings.»

But the couple broke up when Kleberson flew to the 2002 World Cup with the Brazilian team. Priscila continued: «When he was away, we always talked on the phone and swore about our love for each other. He admires big Brazilian stars like Denilson and Ronaldo.

But after he returned with the world championship title, he turned into a different person, especially with the MU contract. Kleberson was immersed in drunkenness, compliments and forgot about «the little wife he was waiting for».


“Once we were invited to a party but he was absent. I cried because I had never seen him like that before. But much worse was to come. A friend informed me that he was seeing another girl. I asked him about it, and he admitted that he kissed the girl but nothing happened.

Kleberson even promised to take me to Manchester to live to calm my anger, but it turned out to be an empty promise. After that, he was blunt about his affair and wanted to live officially with that dancer. She was Dayane De Silva, then only 14 years old. My family was very angry and my father wanted to kill him.»

Kleberson: Nỗi buồn không chỉ ở Old Trafford

In the end, Kleberson married Dayane on the day she turned 16, the legal age for marriage in Brazil. “When it all happened, I called him a bastard,” Priscila’s mother, Elisabeth, said. He changed so quickly because of the World Cup, fame, money. Poor my daughter.»

Priscila’s final humiliation came when Kleberson arrived at her house in an Audi TT with Dayane to pick up her belongings. Priscila recounted: «He just stood outside and honked like a rich guy, then ordered his bodyguard to ring the bell. I threw all his belongings on the street.

Even worse, I later realized I had been deceived a long time ago. He and Dayane had a son, also named Kleberson, born on the same day I dedicated the thousand to him. Now, I can never forgive him for abandoning me after showing the way. Whenever I see him on TV, I get nauseous and turn off the TV.»

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