Kobbie Mainoo is the answer to M.U.’s terrible midfield.

Since taking charge at Old Trafford last summer, the Dutch strategist has always focused on finding a midfielder capable of holding in the midfield, with the aim of serving his controlling philosophy. ball control that he pursued throughout his military career.

Kobbie Mainoo has made a strong impression since making his Manchester United debut.

Although Manchester United already has Bruno Fernandes, the Portuguese player cannot make Erik ten Hag feel satisfied. He is often rushed in final ball handling situations. Many times, he was forced to ask the student to move to the sideline more.

Christian Eriksen was brought in as a temporary solution. Although the Danish star made a strong impression during his first stint at Old Trafford, the burden of both age and illness makes it difficult for this player to maintain the stability that the 54-year-old military leader hopes for. want.


In last summer’s transfer window, the «Red Devils» board of directors agreed to spend up to 60 million pounds to bring in Mason Mount, a midfielder whose playing style is quite similar to Christian Eriksen. But everything he has brought up to this point can be summed up in two words: disaster.


The former Chelsea player had difficulty integrating with the new team. Continuous injuries caused him to almost «disappear» at Old Trafford. Unfortunately, Erik ten Hag had to give young talents a chance and that was when he brought Kobbie Mainoo to light .

The midfielder who grew up at Carrington immediately showed his development potential. Even though he is very young, Kobbie Mainoo already possesses a mature and confident playing style. This is what helped him quickly become a new idol at Old Trafford.

Kobbie Mainoo brings positivity to the Manchester United midfield.

Thanks to his versatility, the 2005 midfielder can take on any role in the midfield. Sometimes Kobbie Mainoo plays deep to participate in the ball development process, but he is also ready to rush forward to score the goal to finish off the opponent. The recent goal against Wolverhampton is a typical example.

The player wearing shirt number 37 knows how to keep the ball at his feet. His ability to deal cards is also really impressive. Now, the problem that gives coach Erik ten Hag a headache is finding a suitable person to partner with his student in the center of midfield.

After impressive performances, the 18-year-old player was just called up to the England team by Gareth Southgate. It’s still too early to know whether Kobbie Mainoo can become a true star at Old Trafford, but if he keeps playing like this, a bright future awaits him.

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