Kylie Jenner beauty is like coming out of a myth

Participating in Jean Paul Gaultier’s show within the framework of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week taking place in France, Kylie Jenner attracted media lenses. The reality TV star wore a see-through dress, showing off her hourglass figure in the tight design.
The moment Kylie Jenner shows off her thin shoulders and slim figure through a reporter’s lens. The businesswoman was praised as «looking like she came out of a myth» with her bustier design and bouncy hairstyle.
She chose light makeup, the highlight being nude pink lipstick. The businesswoman, whose assets reached the $1 billion mark, received many compliments on her makeup and style in unedited close-up photos.
Coming to the Valentino show, Kylie Jenner chose a classic Hollywood style. At fashion week, she chose a sexy design but maintained its elegance.
«Big star» Kylie Jenner and her daughter Stormi Webster were sought after by the media in the Valentino show.
The low back and tight design helps Kylie Jenner show off her hourglass body advantage. The fur-trimmed chiffon outer jacket adds elegance to the outfit.
At the show held in the evening, she chose sophisticated makeup. The mother of two children is currently successful in her career, has a fortune of nearly 700 million USD (in 2019, Forbes called her the youngest self-made billionaire in the world), and her fashion and beauty style influences young people.

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