Mahomes Family Celebrates as Zoe, Patrick Mahomes Half-Sister, Inks New Soccer Contract

The Mahomes family shines brilliantly in the sporting world! NFL icon Patrick Mahomes is not the only one maintaining his family’s athletic legacy, his half-sister Zoe’s athletic achievements are making waves. Just like her father, Pat Mahomes, and her NFL brother, young Zoe’s aspirations have shown that sports run deep in her blood from all sides.

Zoe Mahomes’ interest in soccer is no secret. At just nine years old, she is already excelling in the sport, following the same path as her sister-in-law and ex-pro soccer star, Brittany. After making waves with her triumphant performance in the Spring Bash Tournament, her recent signing with the Sting 14G Pre-ECNL Flynn soccer club has left everyone in awe, including her retired MLB father.


Pat Mahomes Sr. took to his official Instagram account to celebrate his little one’s athletic ambitions as she is set to make her mark with the girls’ club soccer team located in North Texas. The proud father reposted the Soccer City Richardson, TX’s IG post, featuring glimpses of the celebrations on the big signing day.

The original post caption read, “It’s always a pleasure to be able to help our local Sting girls on their big signing day! Hope you guys enjoyed your little gift bags and left nice and full ️️ thank you for giving Soccer City Richardson the opportunity to make signing day so special for you girls! Good luck this season. ”

Apart from that, a cheerful Zoe Mahomes also dropped a sneak peek of her biggest signing day. Mahomes Sr.’s daughter shared a short video clip, featuring herself signing with the team, captioning, “Signing party 2024!”


Born in 2015, Zoe’s exuberance could be seen in the video. Making her entry with her enthusiastic teammates, young Mahomes won millions of hearts with her optimistic presence while singing with the team. She got this opportunity because one can sign an amateur contract under the age of 18 in soccer. Growing up in an athletic environment, Zoe’s vision was seemingly very clear at that moment.

However, this did not mark the first time the Super Bowl champion’s half-sister garnered enormous attention for her zest for the sport.

Zoe Mahomes’ impressive soccer achievements

During the Spring Bash Tournament, Zoe competed for the North Texas State Soccer Club, where she excelled on the field, leading her team to a mesmerizing triumph. Thanks to her stellar performance, her team, Sting Pre-Elite G14 Brave, secured a 2-1 victory over Attack FC 13G. After the soccer match, it was Zoe who left coaches and guardians praising her great perseverance and determination.


Cherishing the moment, Zoe reposted the Sting 14G Pre-Elite Brave’s IG post. The original post caption read, “Grit, perseverance, and determination. These girls showed up today! Some teams get defeated in a loss and give up, but these girls picked themselves up, dusted off the loss from yesterday, and came back today to play the same opponent they lost to and won! Could not be more proud of this group of girls and their fierce desire to be the team they know they are.” Enthusiastic about the win, the post titled them as “Champions!”


Even during the City Futsal Soccer 3v3 Tournament, Zoe played an elemental role in leading her team to success. Posing alongside her teammates, Martina Villegas, and Kinley, Zoe looked ecstatic.

The 9-year-old is seemingly taking the historic athletic legacy of the Mahomes family a step forward with her noteworthy triumphs.

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