Messi and his family enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing weekend in Riyadh after being allowed to check into the most expensive hotel in the country.

Lionel Messi, an Argentinian football legend, is in Saudi Arabia.

Messi family Riyadh trip: Via Riyadh

The PSG forward is visiting the Kingdom with his family. They landed in Riyadh on Monday, May 1, for a two-day tour.

Leo Messi in Saudi with his family: playing a popular board game called Carrom

Leo Messi visited Saudi Arabia with his family, playing a traditional board game called Carrom.The Messi family spent their first day in the Saudi capital at a farm, where they were greeted and fed a traditional Saudi breakfast before feeding an Arabian gazelle and learning about the Kingdom’s reintroduction project for the animal. The Messis also learned to play Carrom, a traditional board game, and learned about the craft of palm weaving and its long history.

Leo Messi in Saudi with his family: feeding an  Arabian Gazelle

Leo Messi and his family in Saudi Arabia are feeding an Arabian gazelle.The family spent the second day exploring the soon-to-be-opened dining and retail attraction Via Riyadh, as well as having fun and playing games at Boulevard Riyadh City.

While in the Saudi capital, the Messis visited Diriyah and dined at Bujairi Terrace.

Messi family Riyadh trip: Diriyah

Messi family Riyadh trip: DiriyahLionel Messi visited Saudi Arabia in May 2022 after being named Saudi Tourism Ambassador.

Messi spent his first tour exploring the Red Sea city and attending the Jeddah Season festival.

Messi is traveling to Saudi Arabia for the second time with his family to investigate further. These are the top Saudi attractions that we believe they should visit.

A Messi Saudi visit is coming soon

The Messi Saudi visit will take place later this month.In Saudi Arabia, football reigns supreme. Al Nassr recently seen a boom in fan base as a result of the signing of Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, and Saudi Arabia just won the bid to host the FIFA Club World Cup.

If you wish to play football yourself, check out these excellent Riyadh football fields.

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