Messi’s astounding numbers at the start of 2024

«Messi scored 5 goals in MLS in just about 405 minutes playing for Inter Miami. On average, this famous player scored 1 goal every 81 minutes. This is the highest performance in the 2024 MLS season to date. (April 16). In total, in 8 appearances from the beginning of 2024 until now in official tournaments including MLS and CONCACAF Champions Cup, the famous Argentine player has scored 7 goals and contributed 4 assists, in addition to Decisive passes lead to goals», AS (Spain) newspaper, citing statistics from Sofascore , said.

Messi đạt hiệu suất ghi bàn đáng kinh ngạc từ đầu năm 2024 mỗi khi ra sân
Messi has achieved incredible scoring performance since the beginning of 2024 every time he plays

«Messi came to Inter Miami in the twilight of a professional career that has lasted nearly 20 years, with more than 1,000 matches at the highest level. About to turn 37 this coming June, Messi is no longer a An aggressive and energetic striker like before.

But this famous player has adjusted his playing style appropriately to maximize his power, combining short bursts of sprinting with quality that can change the game. Messi still ranks highly for key passes and assists, but he is no longer at the heart of everything about the game for his team. Instead, this famous player focused his strength and energy at the crucial moment to turn the tide of the match.

A typical example of this way of playing is the moment Messi just walked and watched in the recent match against Sporting Kansas City Club. But when he received a pass from teammate Diego Gomez in the right position, he immediately accelerated, surprising his opponents. From a distance of nearly 30 meters, he took a dangerous and decisive shot, sending the ball into the top corner. The goal increased the score 2-1 for Inter Miami. Previously, the 1-1 equalizer scored by Diego Gomez for Inter Miami also came from Messi’s genius assist, causing the entire Sporting Kansas City defense to stand still,» AS newspaper expressed.

Sắp bước sang tuổi 37 vào tháng 6 tới đây, Messi (trái) đã điều chỉnh lối chơi phù hợp cho mình
About to turn 37 in June, Messi (left) has adjusted his playing style to suit himself.

«Messi has shown his incredible form, although at this stage he is no longer agile and injuries are starting to affect him quite a lot. Messi’s way of adjusting his playing style shows his suitability and suitable for him to continue to promote his strengths including his technical qualities and his genius tactical vision.

Messi has only played for Inter Miami for about 9 months, but he is currently the 3rd player on the club’s top scorer list (scored 18 goals in 22 matches), only behind Gonzalo Higuain (scored 29 goals in 70 games). match, retired) and Leonardo Campana (scored 25 goals, but currently plays a backup role for striker Suarez)», shared AS newspaper.

Messi trong đội hình tiêu biểu giải MLS ở vòng đấu mới đây
Messi in the MLS representative team in the recent round

Messi has a contract with Inter Miami until December 2025 with the option to extend the following year. With his current form, it is only a matter of time before this famous player becomes the top scorer for the team in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, AS emphasized.

According to Tata Martino of Inter Miami: «Messi’s presence on the field always solves the most difficult situations. Everyone who loves football and we all know, he can always do something very especially. This is also the reason why people who want to see Messi play are willing to spend a lot of money to buy tickets to the stadium, because there you will have the best player in the world.»

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