Mother Hero: The dog chilled and starved for months, but she never let her five puppies go without food.

The heartbreaking story of Celeste, a devoted dog mother, has touched people around the world. When Celeste became pregnant at the age of two, she was mercilessly abandoned. Celeste was a calm, thoughtful and endearing young woman. She was forced to give birth in a dangerous environment and live on the streets.


She did everything in her power to provide for her beautiful cubs, but due to her plight, she almost disappeared.

It is very difficult for a stray dog to survive. Additionally, there are five cubs that need to be born, nurtured and cared for. Celeste and her five cubs were probably found to be very underweight. Using every nutrient she had, she fed and kept her cubs warm during the cold winter.

Even though Celeste was starving, her foster mother Elaine reported that Celeste was “extremely thin and the puppies were feeding like crazy.”


Celeste’s pups were found to be in near perfect health despite having a difficult early life. Celeste struggled to feed her five children and her eyes revealed the ravages of hunger. The loving mother had dedicated more than five months of her life to ensuring the safety and well-being of her children. Celeste was the one who was finally getting attention.

The BC SPCA claims that Celeste would choose to go without food to starve her children. After living a tough life outdoors, you’ve sacrificed everything to ensure your children are safe, so it’s time he received the same love.


BC SPCA foster mother Elaine Nelson-Hosak felt compelled to accept Celeste and her children into her home. Celeste came into his life after losing her best friend. The moment almost seemed to have been carefully planned. They needed each other. Who could better comfort the pain of a broken heart than a canine companion who could love and care for Celeste and her puppies?


After that, Celeste was able to gradually but steadily gain weight and power thanks to a thorough “refeeding” regimen. His body loved the six small, nutrient-dense meals he ate each day and he quickly piled on 90 pounds. It is wonderful news that four of her five puppies have already been adopted into wonderful homes and reunited with their families.


It was clear that he had found his forever home thanks to how well he reacted to the treatment and how well he connected with his adoptive mother. Celeste, whom the family refers to as “Mom,” acts like a pampered dog by cuddling with them on the couch and keeping warm by the fire. This is a big change for her because she used to live on the streets. He no longer rejects since he discovered his vocation. The mother is now safe, comfortable and loved.

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