Newcastle: error version of MU

The «new breeze» of England last season, MU and Newcastle, both made fans question what they did in the transition period between the two seasons, only to appear with the most mediocre appearance. maybe. Criticizing MU is easy because it is a big team. But going into details, Newcastle is even more deserving of condemnation than the Red Devils.


Last season, these two teams met in the final of the English League Cup. The Magpies were less lucky to lose, but reaching the final match is still an achievement, besides 4th place in the Premier League – which means a ticket to return to the Champions League. At that time, many people rushed to call Newcastle a giant. When it comes to money, there’s nothing wrong. But not in terms of bravery!

The recent defeat to Man City in the FA Cup quarter-finals gives people an overview of Newcastle’s current season. What do they have in hand? Sadly, it’s nothing. Newcastle is only ranked 10th in the Premier League, eliminated in the Champions League group stage, the quarterfinals of the League Cup and most recently the quarterfinals of the FA Cup. During the handshake after the match at the Etihad, television cameras recorded the moment coach Pep Guardiola told his counterpart Eddie Howe: «You guys can’t play like usual». This statement is like what an experienced older brother said to his inexperienced younger brother.


And it’s true that Newcastle is really young, they dropped everything when the season only reached March. Where is the excitement, excitement, and freshness of last season? At this moment, there was only one sad and weak Magpie left, accepting defeat before the match even started.

Remember, to prepare for the season of fighting in these 4 arenas, Newcastle has invested sparingly. The most expensive deal was Sandro Tonali from Milan, followed by Harvey Barnes, Tino Livramento, Yankuba Minteh. Total spending last summer was more than £130 million. Total spending for the last two summers is more than £280 million. With what they did last season, plus additional quality troops, Newcastle is expected to be able to do even greater things. But then this great project fell apart as quickly as it appeared.


Of course, Newcastle was unlucky with Tonali’s ban and numerous injuries. But that’s the price you have to pay when participating in many arenas. If you want to raise the club’s stature, that is the path you must take, there is no other choice. Newcastle had only just experienced the feeling of being a «giant» but could not stand it and quickly returned to the appearance of a mid-range team. It’s no exaggeration to say that they are even worse than MU when the starting point of both at the beginning of this season is the same. "Team

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