Nicolas Jackson is the embodiment of Chelsea under Mauricio Pochettino

Up to now, Chelsea’s season has not gone according to plan. After 29 rounds in the Premier League, «The Blues» temporarily ranked 11th. This disappointing result led to many criticisms, along with a record investment that put pressure on the coach and management. team leader.

Nicolas Jackson is Chelsea’s hope at the present time.

However, despite the difficulties, the Stamford Bridge team affirms that this is a long-term project. Everyone understands that Mauricio Pochettino and his colleagues need more time. The West London representative cannot succeed immediately with a group of enthusiastic but inexperienced young players.

However, at least in recent weeks, the Argentine strategist’s students have shown rapid progress in all aspects. That is also considered a positive point that needs to be recognized, instead of just looking at the disappointing results in the Carabao Cup or the Premier League.

Nicolas Jackson: “Tôi xem những video mình bỏ lỡ trước khi ngủ để cố gắng ghi bàn nhiều hơn cho Chelsea”

Cole Palmer shines brightly. Malo Gusto thrived in the right-back role in Reece James’ absence. Not to mention the encouraging signs from Nicolas Jackson, who after a difficult start at Stamford Bridge is gradually adapting to English football.

"Malo The Senegalese striker played an important role in Chelsea’s recent victory over Leicester City, in the FA Cup quarter-finals. After an effortful dribble on the right wing, Nicolas Jackson sent a pass to set up Marc Cucurella to tap the ball into the empty net.

The «Foxes» defense struggled to cope with the speed and power of Nicolas Jackson. The red card that defender Callum Doyle received is the clearest proof. If viewed fairly, the player wearing shirt number 15 helped the home team «breathe easier» at the end of the match.

Sometimes, the former Villarreal striker looks a bit clumsy, making «The Blues» fans bored with his unstable finishing ability, but there is no doubt that the promising all-round play he brings can be is the perfect solution for coach Mauricio Pochettino and his team.

Nicolas Jackson needs more time to improve himself.

When Chelsea agreed to spend 35 million euros to break the release clause of Nicolas Jackson’s contract, surely fans of the blue shirt team had high expectations for a new «Didier Drogba», and he was also on the right track. the path that the club legend once walked to become great.

In his first season playing football in the Premier League, Nicolas Jackson scored 12 goals and 4 assists in all competitions. Perhaps he is the embodiment of Chelsea under the Argentine strategist, a team with plenty of talent but requires a little patience .

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