Patrick Mahomes’ Response to Travis Kelce’s Surprising Revelation About His Role as Chiefs’ Tight End

It’s a general thought that playing quarterback is the toughest on the gridiron. However, forgetting the roles of other positions would be an injustice, as some might argue from the above statement. Among those who could argue is the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce.

This offseason, the 34-year-old seems hyped up for another battle, which begins on September 5. And why shouldn’t he be? After all, his team is setting themselves up for their 3-peat. But ahead of the season, there might be a clash in thinking of the Chiefs’ star duo, QB Patrick Mahomes and TE Travis Kelce. Here’s why….


Travis Kelce believes TEs are versatile!

Chiefs TE Travis Kelce, 49ers TE George Kittle and a former tight end and current Fox Sports broadcaster, Greg Olsen, kicked off their fourth year annual event on Monday, June 17, in Nashville, Tennessee, at Tight End University.


In the session, Kelce picked up the mic to motivate the young TE players, besides revealing why he chose to play in the tight end position. In the video shared by a Travis Kelce Fan Page on X the 3x champ could be heard saying three highlighted words,

The biggest thing I wanted to let all the tight ends here know is that we do have the best fu**ing position on the field.” Well, Kelce’s best position remark might playfully upset the quarterbacks out there, including Patrick Mahomes. Till now, he hasn’t said anything about this.

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Without a TE, the quarterback couldn’t be assisted in the run game, and much more. To support this statement, in his speech, Kelce himself expressed, “It is the best. And it’s the best because we’re all in open arms, we’re all the most relatable guys. We’re all the plumber, the utility guy, the landscaper, the electrician. You need a guy, we are the guy and that’s why I love playing tight end.” So, now we know why Kelce is serving as a tight end in the league.


Is the tight end really the best position in the gridiron?

While many might not agree with the fact that the tight end is in the best position in football, others would still believe it is due to some factors. TE position in football is versatile and beneficial for any team’s strategy, whether it’s a run-heavy or pass-focused offense. In high school football, TEs can provide an extra blocker for running plays and can run routes that are easier for quarterbacks to throw to.


USA Today via Reuters

In a 2020 football coaching podcast episode, hosts Joe and Daniel discussed with Ron McKie the advantages of using a TE, highlighting their ability to assist in blocking and provide flexibility in offense. Players like Travis Kelce exemplify the role, being both athletic and s𝓀𝒾𝓁𝓁ed in blocking.

So, in short, a TE can serve multiple purposes, including being a reliable target for quarterbacks struggling to find open receivers.

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