Peony Flowers: A Symbol of Prosperity and Romance


Peony flowers are certainly no longer strange to Vietnamese people. This type of flower has a beautiful and splendid shape with a variety of colors. But do you know what they mean? To see the true beauty hidden deep inside the peony, let’s explore with Elmich.


  • 1. General introduction to peonies
  • 2. Popular peony varieties in Vietnam
  • 3. Meaning of peony
    • 3.1. Feng shui meaning of peony flower
    • 3.2. Meaning of peonies by color
      • 3.2.1. Meaning of red Peony flower
      • 3.2.2. Meaning of pink Peony flower
      • 3.2.3. Meaning of white Peony flower
      • 3.2.4. Meaning of purple Peony flower
      • 3.2.5. Meaning of yellow Peony flower
    • 3.3. Peony flower meaning according to each country
  • 4. What element is suitable for the peony form?

1. General introduction to peonies

Why is the peony the “national beauty” flower, “enchanted by thousands of people” and honored as the queen? It’s all thanks to its looks.

Hình 1: Hoa mẫu đơn là nữ hoàng của các loại hoa
Figure 1: Peony is the queen of flowers

Peony is a type of flower found quite early about 4,000 years ago in some countries in Asia, western North America and southern Europe. There are many different varieties of peonies and are divided into 2 groups:

  • Wooden peony: A tree with a height of 0.5-3m. They will change leaves when winter comes. The size of this peony flower is very large with each layer of petals arranged close to each other completely irregularly. Although their flowers are beautiful, their flowering cycle is quite slow. This is what gives the peony its own elegant and arrogant look.
  • Herbaceous peony: The height of this peony variety is lower than that of woody plants. The body will be green. The size of the flowers is quite small, forming spherical clusters. Their flowering cycle is quite fast.
Hình 2: Có nhiều giống mẫu đơn khác nhau
Figure 2: There are many different varieties of peonies

2. Popular peony varieties in Vietnam

In Vietnam, Peony flowers are also known by a more folk name, Hoa Trang. They have 3 different colors including red, yellow and white. In particular, divided into many small categories:

Red Peony includes:

  • Ixora chinensis Lam: Peony with red flowers.
  • Ixora coccinea var. compata Pierre ex Pit: Dwarf peony.
  • Ixora coccinea L: Red peony.
  • Ixora rosea Wall: Pink peony.

Yellow Peony includes:

  • Ixora chinensis Lam.var. lutea: Yellow-flowered peony.
  • Ixora coccinea var. caudata Pierre ex Pit: Peony with orange flowers.
  • Ixora stricta Roxb: Golden peony.

White Peony includes:

  • Ixora finlaysoniana Wall: White, fragrant peony (fragrant page flower).
  • Ixora nigricans R. Br. & W. & Arn: Black peonies.
Hình 3: Hình ảnh của mẫu đơn thể hiện cho người phụ nữ yểu điệu
Figure 3: The image of a peony represents an elegant woman

3. Meaning of peony

When it comes to peonies, many flower lovers will admire its extremely attractive beauty. Besides, this flower also has different symbolic meanings according to feng shui, color and each country. Next, let’s join Elmich to learn about each meaning of this flower.

3.1. Feng shui meaning of peony flower

According to feng shui, the Peony flower is a symbol with many positive meanings in marriage and family life.

  • Peace : This flower symbolizes peace and protection. Therefore, in many families, we often see images of this flower in the garden or corner of the house to help the homeowner feel most comfortable and avoid negative impacts.
  • Happy marriage : The next meaning of this flower is to symbolize a happy love. If you want to increase love between husband and wife, place a pot of red peonies in the corner of your bedroom.
  • Prosperity and fortune: Yellow Peony is an image that brings fortune and prosperity to the homeowner. To attract luck in money and work, you can choose a pot of yellow peonies and place them in front of your house.
  • Helps the spirit of optimism : To help the mind relax and feel at ease, we can plant Peonies near the work corner. This flower blooms all year round, representing new vitality and optimism in the face of difficulties.
Hình 4: Ý nghĩa phong thuỷ của loại hoa này tượng trưng cho may mắn
Figure 4: The feng shui meaning of this flower symbolizes luck

3.2. Meaning of peonies by color

Not only possessing a charming appearance, the beauty of Peonies also comes from their color. Each different peony color has its own meaning. Specifically, Elmich will introduce it to you soon.

3.2.1. Meaning of red Peony flower

Red Peony is considered a symbol of love and burning passion. Because according to legend, if a boy gives the girl he loves red peonies continuously for 999 days, their love will bloom and be perfect for life.

3.2.2. Meaning of pink Peony flower

The pink peony with its pure and elegant appearance is a symbol of friendship, kindness and understanding. They are often chosen to give to friends or family members. A bouquet of pink peonies represents the giver’s respect and gratitude for the other person.

3.2.3. Meaning of white Peony flower

White Peony doesn’t need to be shared too much, you certainly already know that it is a symbol of purity and innocence. If you want to express respect and devotion to your partner, you can absolutely choose this type of flower.

Hình 5: Mẫu đơn trắng tượng trưng cho sự thanh tao
Figure 5: White peony symbolizes elegance

3.2.4. Meaning of purple Peony flower

The purple color of Peony flowers makes them unique and special. It is used to show your esteem and admiration for someone. They also represent the image of strong women with sky-high charisma. However, hidden deep inside is a feeling that is difficult to express and describe.

3.2.5. Meaning of the yellow Peony flower

Yellow Peony is the image of brilliance and shine. It represents a girl’s youth full of aspirations and passion. Hidden deep inside is the fire of enthusiasm that is always burning to be ready to face challenges, difficulties and thorns in life.

Hình 6: Mẫu đơn vàng là thanh xuân rực rỡ
Figure 6: Yellow peonies represent brilliant youth

3.3. Peony flower meaning according to each country

Peonies appear in many different countries and each place treasures this flower in its own way. Let’s take a look at a few countries to see what the application form means to the people there.

  • China : In the country of billions of people, peonies are a symbol of happiness. It represents a girl’s love and beauty. Besides, this flower is also an image of freshness, wealth and prosperity in life.
  • Vietnam : For Vietnamese people, peonies represent love and passion. They are often used on special occasions and are romantic in nature. In addition, this is also the type of flower that helps you express your respect and admiration for the recipient.
  • Japan : Peonies in the land of the rising sun are called “kaou”. It represents nostalgia for home and memories. True to the nature of the Japanese, peonies also represent perseverance and patience to help you overcome all difficulties in life.
  • Western : Peonies in Western culture are the fragile, weak image of girls in their “spring” but radiantly beautiful and fresh.
Hình 7: Mỗi quốc gia sẽ lại coi trọng mẫu đơn theo cách khác nhau
Figure 7: Each country will value the application form differently

4. What element is suitable for the peony form?

Peony flowers are extremely suitable for people of the Fire element. Those who belong to this destiny can plant or display them in their homes to attract wealth, luck and prosperity to themselves.

In addition, according to the Five Elements, Fire gives birth to Earth. Therefore, those who belong to the Earth element can also choose peonies for themselves.

Hình 8: Loại hoa này rất hợp người mệnh Hoả
Figure 8: This flower is very suitable for people with the Fire element

It can be seen that Peony has many different meanings both in life, love and marriage. Elmich hopes that through the above sharing, we can help you choose a suitable flower to display in your home.

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