Planting and caring for Persian ranunculus flowers

Persian Ranunculus, a flower that is both beautiful and easy to grow, is truly present in our lives. But do you fully know the meaning of this Persian flower and how to care for it to keep it healthy and bright? Let’s explore in the article below to find the answer.

1. What is Ranunculus flower?

Ý nghĩa hoa mao Lương : Sang trọng và quyến rũ trong ngày cưới

Ranunculus flowers , also known as , belong to the Mao family and are famous for their variety of colors. This flower often appears brightly during festivals, especially during Tet. Beautiful with soft and fragrant petals, Mao Luong flowers carry a captivating natural beauty.

2. Popular types of ranunculus flowers

Although Ranunculus flowers have many similarities, there are more than 600 species with diverse colors and shapes. Some typical colors include yellow Ranunculus , white Ranunculus , purple Ranunculus , pink Ranunculus , and red Ranunculus .

3. The meaning of the Ranunculus flower, the meaning of the flower’s colors

Mao Luong flowers are not only beautiful but also carry special meanings. This flower represents charm, grace, and the ability to attract attention. The message that Mao Luong flowers bring is sublimation and attraction. Because of this, Mao Luong flowers often appear in large, formal events such as weddings and anniversaries to create charm and attraction.

Yellow Ranunculus : Yellow often represents happiness, cheerfulness, and freshness. Yellow Ranunculus flowers are often used in joyful occasions such as festivals and celebrations.

White Ranunculus Flower : White often symbolizes innocence, purity and peace. White Ranunculus flowers are often used in formal events such as weddings to signify pure love and a bright future.

Ý nghĩa hoa mao Lương : Sang trọng và quyến rũ trong ngày cưới

Pink Ranunculus : The color pink is often associated with love and sweetness. Dark pink Ranunculus flowers are often used in romantic and lovely situations.

Red Ranunculus : Red often represents passion and intense love. Red Ranunculus flowers are often chosen to express love and strong emotions.

Hoa mao lương Persian hồng nhạt - F20Beauty

4. How to plant and care for Ranunculus flowers


Soak Ranunculus flower bulbs in warm water for 8 hours, then soak in diluted atonik solution for 15 minutes before planting.

Bury the bulbs in moist soil, water every 3-5 days when the plant has sprouted 4-5 cm.

Choose a location with lots of light and sun exposure 3-4 days/week.

Plant in the late afternoon after watering the soil to moisten it.

Use loose soil, you can mix rice husks and coconut fiber humus.

Take care of:

Fertilize every 2-4 weeks with NPK fertilizer or manure.

Water after fertilizing.

Protect plants from hot sun at noon.

Spray special preventive medicine every 15 days, stop after the tree forms buds (after 75-80 days).

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