Ronaldo’s hat-trick was significantly more impressive than Messi’s.

Against the opponent standing in the red light group, Cristiano Ronaldo played aggressively. After the first half of playing on the sideline with a series of technical performances like when he was young, the Portuguese superstar stuck to the middle for the next 45 minutes. He made the most of the opportunity to score a hat-trick against Al Taee.

In the 65th minute, CR7 chose a smart position to catch Sadio Mane’s pass, before turning around and scoring the goal for the away team. Just 2 minutes later, a chaotic situation took place in front of Al Taee’s goal. Ronaldo was there just in time to score a double.

In the 87th minute, Ronaldo caught the ball from his teammate and completed his hat-trick with a precise jump and header.

Ronaldo shined on his return to Al Nassr.

The former MU star completed the 64th hat-trick of his career, the highest number among players still playing, far ahead of second place Lionel Messi with 57 hat-tricks. "Coach"Cristiano

In the Saudi Pro League this season, Ronaldo reached his peak when he contributed to 35 goals (26 goals, 9 assists) after only 23 appearances.

Before Ronaldo scored his hat-trick, Otavio and Abdulrahman Ghareeb scored to help Al Nassr take the lead. On the other side of the front line, all Al Taee had was Virgil Misidjan’s honorary table. After scoring, the striker was sent off the field with two yellow cards, thereby having to watch his teammates being crushed by Al Nassr.

The 5-1 victory does not mean much, because Al Nassr is still 12 points behind Al Hilal on the Saudi Pro League rankings. Ronaldo and his teammates only have the goal of striving for two domestic cup tournaments (King’s Cup, Super Cup). "Ronaldo

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