Seven breathtaking European landscapes that are worth seeing once in a lifetime

Earth’s “Old Continent” is not only famous for its ancient buildings but also for its many breathtaking natural landscapes. The 7 beautiful scenes from European nature below will make you overwhelmed and want to pack your backpack and hit the road immediately.

1. Matterhorn Mountain – Border of Switzerland and Italy

According to the Swiss Department of Tourism, the Matterhorn is one of the most sought after mountains by photographers in the world. The towering mountain pokes straight into the clouds and sky like a 4,572m high pyramid. Dubbed the “king of peaks”, Matterhorn is located on the border between Switzerland and Italy, while the highest peak belongs to Swiss territory. This is one of the highest mountains in the Alps and among the most dangerous mountains in the world. It is these points that have attracted nearly 500 climbers who have tried to conquer it.


2. Douro River Valley – Portugal

The surprisingly rich geology in the Douro River Valley, Portugal makes this a favorable land for growing grapes. For the past 2,000 years, people have grown wine grapes along the Douro River. This charming valley becomes fertile land suitable for grape growing as well as fruit cultivation. The gentle hillsides here are a harmonious combination of human farming civilization and natural beauty.


3. Melissani Cave – Greece:

Hidden on the island of Kelafonia, Greece, Melissani Cave is associated with a mythical story here. This cave is named after the goddess abandoned by Pan. The goddess fell in love with Pan, but he firmly refused. Because she was in so much pain, she threw herself into the river of death. The water in Melissani Cave is as clear as crystal, making you sit on the boat as if you were gliding in the air. Right in the middle of the cave is a large sky gate, created by the rock layer above collapsing thousands of years ago.


4. Durmitor National Park – Montenegro

With majestic mountains and diverse vegetation, drifting glaciers and deep canyons, Montenegro’s Durmitor National Park is one of its national treasures and a great European tourist destination. . In addition to so many amazing natural beauties, this park also has the Tara River canyon, which is 80km long and reaches an altitude of 1,300m. If possible, try taking a boat around this river and completely immerse yourself in the rare beauty in Europe


5. Plitvice National Park – Croatia

In Plitvice National Park, waterfalls and rivers and streams follow each other, linking 16 large lakes into a precious necklace of Mother Earth. The dense network of lakes in the Croatian karst region becomes an ideal place for those who love hiking adventures. Through the new lake area, visitors have the opportunity to admire very different shades of blue. The harmony of colors between water and scenery will definitely make you unforgettable.


6. Black Forest – Germany

The river network here is named after a tribe of trolls (characters in Danish and Norwegian fairy tales) including the Enz, the Kinzig, the Murg, the Nagold, the Neckar, the Rench and the Wiese. These rivers stretch for 7,000 km, flanked by pine and fir forests, all forming Germany’s unique Black Forest. The densely forested hills and mountains of the forest inspired the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, the most famous of which is the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. To fully explore this wonder, you can choose to walk or drive along the rivers.


7. Hallstatt – Austria

The beautiful village of Hallstatt located in Austria has become a source of architectural inspiration for many countries around the world. By the 19th century, the village of Hallstatt became better known thanks to the development of transportation. You can get here by boat or mountain road. Today, the village is a popular tourist destination recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site and home to nearly 800 local residents. Although only modest with a population of about 800, this beautiful village is still an ideal place for those who fall in love with the classic beauty of Europe.


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