Succulent Flowers to Satisfy Your Green Thumb


Forget-Me-Not Flower

how to grow forget me nots alpestrisFederica Grassi//Getty Images

When it blooms: Spring

Why we love it: These adorable pink, white, or blue flowers are charming at the front of borders. Make sure to plant one of the native species, Myosotis alpestris, laxa, macrosperma, or verna.

If you chose the non-native species, Myosotis sylvatica, plant in containers or deadhead before it seeds; this plant is considered invasive in some states.

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Daphne Shrub

types of flowers daphne shrubPhotos from Japan, Asia and othe of the world//Getty Images

When it blooms: Late winter to early spring

Why we love it: The sweet scent of daphne flowers is like no other, bringing color and fragrance to the late winter or spring garden. Its pretty blooms remind you spring is coming!

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types of flowers snowdropJacky Parker Photography//Getty Images

When it blooms: Late winter

Why we love it: Charming, nodding little heads pop up when snow still is on the ground in northern climates. These darling flowers, which are fall-planted bulbs, are deer and rabbit-resistant, too. Read more: How to Care for Galanthus, or Snowdrop Flowers

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Bearded Iris

types of flowers bearded irisJill Shepherd//Getty Images

When it blooms: Late spring to early summer

Why we love it: Irises come in every imaginable shade from palest pink to deep purple and even nearly black. They’re easy-care perennials; plant the rhizomes in the fall, and you’ll have flowers for years.

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types of flowers dahliaSerhiy Lukovenkov / 500px//Getty Images

When it blooms: Late summer to fall

Why we love it: The sheer number of varieties of dahlias are astounding. You can grow everything from tiny pom pom shaped balls to dinner-plate sized blooms in every color of the rainbow. They’re perennial in the South, but the bulbs must be dug up in the fall in northern climates and replanted in the spring. Read more: How to Care for Dahlias

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Winter Aconite

types of flowers winter aconiteKerrick//Getty Images

When it blooms: Late winter

Why we love it: Winter aconite is one of the earliest blooming flowers, offering precious nectar to pollinators very early in the season. They’re also deer and rabbit resistant. Plant the bulbs in fall for brilliant late winter color.Read more: 38 Deer Resistant Plants Bambi Won’t Go Near

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types of flowers fritillariaMantonature//Getty Images

When it blooms: Mid-spring

Why we love it: Fun bell-shaped flowers nod atop long, grassy foliage on these unique spring bloomers. Plant the bulbs in fall for spring color. Big plus: rodents tend to leave these bulbs alone.

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types of flowers heleniumJacky Parker Photography//Getty Images

When it blooms: Mid-summer to fall

Why we love it: Cheery blooms of orange, gold and sunny yellow make this sturdy perennial a must-have. Even better? Pollinators adore it!

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Love in a Mist

types of flowers love in a mistPedro Liborio / 500px//Getty Images

When it blooms: Summer

Why we love it: Besides its delightful name, Love in a Mist is a striking flower that’s also edible! It’s grown as an annual but it readily self-sows every year.

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types of flowers clematismikroman6//Getty Images

When it blooms: Spring to late summer

Why we love it: Clematis is a beautiful vine for fences, arbors, and lamp posts. But be patient: it often takes perennials such as clematis several years to get established.

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types of flowers cornflowerDavid Burton//Getty Images

When it blooms: Early to mid-summer

Why we love it: The fringed flowers of cornflower add cheery color to summer borders. You’ll find them in shades of pink, white, and of course cornflower blue. This annual is easy to grow from seed. Deadhead the blooms to keep the plants flowering.

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Bleeding Heart

types of flowers bleeding heartcjmckendry//Getty Images

When it blooms: Late spring

Why we love it: Tiny heart-shaped flowers are reason enough to love this perennial, but the beautiful blooms also offer food for hummingbirds early in the season.

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types of flowers lavenderCaroline Gauvin//Getty Images

When it blooms: Summer

Why we love it: This incredibly-scented perennial is gorgeous when planted in large swaths. Make sure you choose a variety that will survive winters in your region.

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types of flowers azaleaRosemary Calvert//Getty Images

When it blooms: Spring

Why we love them: These pretty shrubs tell you spring is in full swing. They’re gorgeous when planted in masses with other spring-flowering perennials. Some types bloom again later in the season.

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Autumn Sedum

types of flowers autumn sedumRon Sutherland//Getty Images

When it blooms: Late summer to early fall

Why we love them: This autumn perennial blooms just as everything else is fading in your garden. They are tough as nails, drought-tolerant and you almost can’t kill them! Plus, they make long-lived cut flowers and provide late season food for pollinators.

Read more: How to Care for Autumn Joy Sedum

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nasturtium growing guideElena Shutova//Getty Images

When they bloom: Summer

Why we love them: These cheery flowers come in fiery shades of red, orange, and yellow, hot pink and salmon. The pretty round leaves and the flowers are edible, too, so toss them on salads and or use them to decorate cakes!

Read more: How to Grow Nasturtiums

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types of flowers mandevillaBlanchi Costela//Getty Images

When it blooms: Spring to fall

Why we love it: This vining plant needs a trellis to show off its gorgeous trumpet-shaped blooms. They come in shades of pinks and reds. You even can bring it indoors to winter it over until next spring, but give it tons of bright light (and expect it to drop some foliage).

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types of flowers cranesbill perennial geraniumIva Vagnerova//Getty Images

When it blooms: Late spring to early summer

Why we love it: The delicate pink, purple, or white flowers bloom in profusion atop dainty fern-like foliage. Cranesbill is a super-hardy ground cover plant that has a pleasant, minty scent that causes deer and rabbits to leave it alone.

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Icelandic Poppy

types of flowers icelandic poppyJacky Parker Photography//Getty Images

When it blooms: Spring

Why we love it: The papery blooms of this delightful flower almost don’t look real! They come in every color imaginable. Perennial in cool climates, they are grown as annuals in hot regions.

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Elderberry Shrub

types of flowers elderberry shrubKlaus Honal//Getty Images

When it blooms: Early summer

Why we love it: Clusters of lacy white or pink flowers appear in early summer. New varieties of this fast-growing shrub boast striking dark burgundy or lemony-gold foliage. It’s also deer and rabbit resistant.

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