Ten Coolest Plants in the Amazon Rainforest

In 2012, the United Nations announced March 21 as the International Day of Forests, and this year aims to raise global awareness of forest conservation. We will mention the Amazon forests here, but we must first recognize the importance of forests for us, including the Amazon forests. 80% of terrestrial species of animals, insects, and plants, and as it is also home to thousands of cultures, it is better to say that the world’s entire population depend on forests for their livelihood, and the health of forests is vital to our survival and we need them to eat, drink and even breathe. Here we mention 10 of the finest plants in Amazon rainforest.

1-Heliconia flowers in the Amazon forests1.PNG

These beautiful Amazonian plants that are found in the Amazon forests resemble the crab claw, also called parrot flowers, and the heliconia flowers have bright and attractive colors. These flowers vary in shape, and the hyalconia flowers require warm and moist conditions to grow and are therefore spread in the tropics of the world , And the heliconia flower of exotic and very popular flowers around the world.


Rubber trees are considered to be one of the most important trees in the Amazon rainforest of all peoples. The liquid liquid from rubber trees is the sticky material that is still used in the modern rubber industries.

3 – orchid flower in the Amazon forests3.PNG

Orchid, which grows in the Amazon forests, is considered one of the most beautiful and attractive flowers. It is considered the largest flowering family in the whole world. There are about 300 thousand different species. Orchid flowers grow in all shapes and sizes. Almost all climates around the world except the cold areas, and like many flowers, orchid flowers depend on insects and birds in pollination, so maintaining the rainforest is vital to their existence.

  1. Cocoa plant in the Amazon forests4.PNG

We can not imagine anyone who can live without chocolate, and despite being one of the favorite desserts in the world, the cocoa plant is also a favorite food loaded with health benefits, raw cocoa can be included in your normal diet to take advantage of natural energy , Mental alertness, concentration, and cocoa also contains a higher proportion of calcium than cow’s milk, and as it is rich in iron, cocoa is also full of magnesium essential for heart and brain health, and the cocoa plant grows in the Amazon rainforest.

5 – Giant water lily in the Amazon forests5.PNG

The giant lily plant is found in the Amazon forests of South America. The giant water lily plant is not a small plant that can be grown in your garden, but it is a giant plant that grows up to about three meters in diameter. You can imagine that you can lay on it.

6 – Flowers of passion fruit in the forests of the Amazon6.PNG

Passion fruit produces one of the most beautiful flowers in the world and grows in Amazon rainforests. These flowers can cling to anything and grow up to 15 to 20 feet in a year, and passion fruit blossoms grow in tropical climates and prefer heat. From that the flowers do not like the strong heat, and if there is too much heat, the passion fruit blossoms begin to grow towards the shade, and their original habitat in Brazil.

7 – Bromelade flowers in the Amazon forests7.PNG

The bromelade flowers found in the Amazon forests have attractive and bright colors, and their colors vary from red to blue, purple and orange, and bromelide flowers grow on the ground, or on other plants, or even on rocks, and these flowers grow in warm tropical climates.

8-Venus flies in the Amazon8.PNG

Venus is also known as the flyworm, which is considered one of the most wonderful plants in the world. It is found in the Amazon forests, which is a carnivorous plant, where it feeds on insects that stand on it like ants, flies, beetles, and spiders. It begins digestion, and these plants feed on insects due to lack of nitrogen in the soil.

9 – banana trees in the Amazon forests9.PNG

Banana is the fourth largest food crop in the world, one of the most popular fruits in the world, and the banana plant is impressive, as banana blossoms grow into fruits (take 3-4 months to be mature enough to eat), and the plant after producing the fruit dies The stem is immediately replaced with new growth, the banana plant weighs an average of 100 pounds and can have 150 banana growing at the same time, and the banana plant grows in the Amazon rainforest.

10 – Coffee plant in the Amazon forests10.PNG

The coffee plant is also found in the Amazon forests. The coffee plant is like a tree that can grow up to 30 feet. The coffee flowers are very small and fragrant, which helps to attract insects to the pollination process. After the fall of the flowers, the fruits of the coffee begin to grow. High value coffee is one of the most important economic species in the world.

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