Ten of the Most Epic Views in North America

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Let’s face it, a continent the size of North America is going to have some seriously jaw-dropping vistas. Vertiginous mountains, ancient deserts, wild National Parks and dazzling city-scapes will keep your camera lens poised and ready at all times.

With so much material to choose from, it was no mean feat, but we’ve curated our definitive list of North America’s ten most epic views.

1) Arches National Park, Utah

Some large, some small, but boy, there are many. Home to over 2,000 natural sandstone arches, Arches National Park, Utah is teeming with striking red-hued formations, deep canyons, and seemingly endless mountain ranges.

2) Northern Lights, Alaska

North America's most epic views

Like a giant sky-disco, the Northern Lights are truly one of nature’s most captivating sights. The best places to spot the hypnotic aurora borealis in Alaska is at Anchorage and Fairbanks, where you’ll see it dancing above snowy peaks.

3) Golden Gate Bridge, California

North America's most epic views

America has many bridges, but none perhaps as iconic as San Francisco’s Golden Gate. The bright red Art Deco overpass connects San Francisco with Marin County and seems to glow in the evening sun.

4) Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

North America's most epic views

America’s greatest presidents immortalised in granite 60ft high. It could only be Mount Rushmore, one of the USA’s most iconic landmarks. The impressively carved structures took an astonishing fourteen years to build.

5) Grand Teton, Wyoming

North America's most epic views

A mountain range so high it kisses the sky, Grand Teton’s sharp, snow-capped peaks look like jagged shark’s teeth. Reflected in the lake below, they’re an even more wonderful sight.

6) National Mall, Washing DC

North America's most epic views

The view that each new president takes in as they’re inaugurated: Washington DC’s National Mall is a marvel of American architecture. With the towering Washington Monument obelisk overlooking the Reflecting Pool, framed by the Lincoln Memorial, it’s a vista to behold.

7) Portland Head Lighthouse, Maine

North America's most epic views

This historic lighthouse has been illuminating the Maine night skies for centuries. Perched on the rugged cliffs of a tiny Portland Harbour peninsula, the charming Portland Head Lighthouse encapsulates America’s maritime history.

8) Big Sur, California

North America's most epic views

California’s Big Sur is one of the USA’s best-preserved coastlines, with a charming coastal road snaking along the craggy cliffs. As such, there are plentiful spots to pull in and pause to capture a magical picture.

9) Las Vegas Strip, Nevada

las vegas

An urban jungle like no other, after dark, Las Vegas’ infamous Strip truly comes alive when hundreds and thousands of illuminations twinkle into life. From afar, you can watch Sin City come to life at sundown, with the world famous hotels and casinos sparkling against the dramatic backdrop of desert and mountains.

10) Lake Tahoe, Nevada & California

lake tahoe photography unsplash

With azure-blue waters and idyllic beaches, Lake Tahoe is a magnet for tourists. The crystal-clear freshwater lake sits on the border between Nevada and California and is one of America’s most splendid waterfronts. 


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