Ten of the most exquisite rivers on the planet!

10 of the world's most beautiful rivers!Photo courtesy: pexels


10 of the world’s most beautiful rivers!

Rivers are earth’s lifeline.Every year, on September 27, people celebrate World River’s Day to increase awareness about the significance of rivers and why it is important to keep our rivers clean.

On this note, let’s explore 10 of the world’s most beautiful rivers.

The Nile, EgyptCredit: iStock


The Nile, Egypt

The Nile is the world’s biggest and most magnificent river! This flowing beauty in northern Africa stretches 4132 kilometers and runs across 11 nations. The river also plays an important role in the history of ancient Egypt.

Mississippi River, North AmericaCredit: iStock


Mississippi River, North America

The Mississippi River is the world’s fourth-biggest and America’s biggest river. It’s also one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, noted for being home to several attractions.

The Ganges, IndiaCredit: iStock


The Ganges, India

The Ganges is not only the heart of India, it is also revered as a holy river in the country and people believe that taking a dip in the Ganges water can wash away all your sins. It originates from the Gangotri in the Himalayas and travels through various cities in the country. The sight of this river flowing is an extremely captivating and calming experience.

The Thames River, UKCredit: iStock


The Thames River, UK

Another stunning river in the world, Thames is a prominent tourist attraction in London. It offers a lovely backdrop to the city’s myriad beautiful attractions. England’s longest river has around 200 bridges and over 20 tunnels! Well we all know the famous London Bridge!

The Amazon River, South AmericaCredit: iStock


The Amazon River, South America

One of the biggest rivers in the world, the vast Amazon is considered an artery of our planet. Also known as the River Sea, the river is home to piranha which is considered one of the most vicious flesh eating fish in the world.

The Colorado River, USACredit: iStock


The Colorado River, USA

The Colorado River is remarkable in many senses. It’s beautiful, it’s big and travels across the dry Arizona desert offering stunning views of the region. Boaters, rafters, and fishermen just love the Colorado River.

The River Rhine, EuropePhoto courtesy: pexels


The River Rhine, Europe

The Rhine River is Europe’s second largest river. This European beauty is among the world’s most famous and gorgeous rivers. It originates from the Swiss Alps and flows through some major cities in Europe.

The Zambezi, AfricaPhoto courtesy: pexels


The Zambezi, Africa

This is Africa’s fourth longest river and is noted for its most famous attraction, the stunning Victoria Falls. The waterfalls run along the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia in South Africa.

The Yangtze River, ChinaPhoto courtesy: pexels


The Yangtze River, China

The world’s third longest river, the Yangtze River begins on the Tibetan Plateau and travels nearly 6300 kilometers before meeting the East China Sea. It also serves as a dividing line between South and North China.

The Mekong River, ChinaPhoto courtesy: pexels


The Mekong River, China

This remarkable river flows from the famous Tibetan Plateau and travels through China, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos before meeting the China Sea. The Mekong River is counted among the top 10 most beautiful rivers in the world.

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