The explanation for why Neymar isn’t able to match Messi and Ronaldo

This former Argentina international has said that Neymar does not devote himself to football. This is the main reason why he has never really reached the high levels of Ronaldo and Messi.


Neymar was once predicted by world football experts to be the successor to the throne of Messi and Ronaldo, becoming one of the strongest candidates for the Golden Ball title in the future. Unfortunately, Neymar’s career never turned out as most people expected.

Pastore, who spent a season alongside the Brazilian striker at PSG, made it clear that the current Al Hilal star has everything in his souvenir cabinet that a footballer dreams of. However, this Argentine midfielder believes that Neymar never had the determination and passion for his career like other football legends, which is a way to explain that he cannot be at the level of Ronaldo and Messi.

ly-do-neymar-khong-the-sanh-ngang-tam-voi-messi-va-ronaldo (2).jpg
Pastore loves Neymar very much but affirms that the Brazilian star cannot be as bright as Messi and Ronaldo because he is not devoted to football. Photo: GETTY.

Pastore told French news outlet LaNacion: “No one doubts Neymar is a phenomenon in the football world. He is really good and kind. Neymar lives his life the way he wants. No one can manage Neymar.

Except for Messi, I have never seen a player as talented as Neymar. He has all the qualities of a star. Ball handling? The best. Speed? Neymar runs very fast. Dance? He jumps very high. Neymar has it all. He does what he wants with his opponents and teammates. Neymar can score goals well with both feet. If you talk about a dream player, what you want to dream about, then you should think of Neymar.»

The former Paris Saint-Germain attacking midfielder added: “I have the feeling that if Neymar wants the Golden Ball, he will fight hard for it, the way Messi and Ronaldo did. But unlike anyone else, Neymar wants and lives his life in a different way. He doesn’t live for football 100%.

ly-do-neymar-khong-the-sanh-ngang-tam-voi-messi-va-ronaldo (1).jpg
Neymar has no Golden Ball, while Messi has eight and Ronaldo has won five times. Photo: GETTY.

Personally, I love Neymar very much. I complimented him a lot. Ever since Neymar joined PSG, I thought he was an arrogant person but I was wrong. Anyway, I’m sorry for Neymar’s unfinished career.» "Neymar

Although highly regarded as a candidate for the Golden Ball title from a young age, Neymar’s career has been quite successful, but personally, he certainly has not fulfilled his dream. The 32-year-old star has a bohemian life in real life and has recently been injured often, causing him to not have many opportunities to play.

Neymar is on the payroll of the big Saudi Pro League team, Al Hilal, after joining from PSG in the summer for a transfer fee of 90 million euros. He is still the most expensive player ever and also the most expensive purchase in Saudi Pro League history.


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