The purple jacaranda phoenix blooms in the middle of spring in South Africa.

Those flower branches give you a new perspective on the wild but vibrant land of a distant «black continent».

When it comes to South Africa, many people often think of images of arid deserts and wild animals… However, South Africa is a country with a temperate climate, the summers are not too hot and the winters are not too hot. not too cold. In particular, spring starts from September to December with cool, pleasant weather and how wonderful it is to walk on streets filled with Jacaranda purple poincianas to fully enjoy the charming beauty of South African spring. .

Phượng tím Jacaranda khoe sắc giữa mùa xuân Nam Phi - Ảnh 1.

South African streets are filled with romantic purple – Photo: Shutter Stock

The purple phoenix Jacaranda is endless

Discovering the South African spring means you have integrated into nature, feeling the diverse beauty and vitality of this richest country in Africa. For that reason, it is no coincidence that the Western press uses many beautiful words to praise the beauty of the «black continent» of South Africa.

Phượng tím Jacaranda khoe sắc giữa mùa xuân Nam Phi - Ảnh 2.

Johannesburg City -Photo: pixabay

Johannesburg is South Africa’s largest economic center located about an hour’s drive from the capital Pretoria. The first impression when you arrive is the clean, beautiful streets with many skyscrapers and uphill and downhill roads filled with purple Jacarandas. Coming to Johannesburg, you cannot miss the once-famous town of Gold Reef City, where people will «play the role» of miners, exploring the gold mining process underground. In addition, you can also explore Sun City, which is considered the «Las Vegas of Africa» with a five-star hotel complex adjacent to the most modern entertainment complex in South Africa. And Pilanesberg National Park will take you into the wild world, witnessing firsthand the lives of rare animals such as leopards, hippos, zebras, chamois, lions…

Phượng tím Jacaranda khoe sắc giữa mùa xuân Nam Phi - Ảnh 3.

Coming to South Africa, tourists seem lost in the wild world – Photo: Shutter Stock

Pretoria is the administrative capital of South Africa, located on the banks of the romantic Apies River. In spring, purple Jacaranda rows bloom throughout parks and streets. You will be immersed in the romantic space of purple flowers that many people have fondly given Pretoria the name «purple poinciana city». Visiting the city, you can easily see the luxurious beauty of buildings designed in classic English architectural style. The rows of brown houses are solidly built of baked bricks and have many windows; Lush green flower parks and elegant public buildings… all create a «European city» right in South Africa. In addition, if you want to learn more about the culture and history of Pretoria, don’t forget to visit ancient museums such as: Pioneer Museum, Sammy Marks Museum, Melrose House, and Voortrekker memorial…

Phượng tím Jacaranda khoe sắc giữa mùa xuân Nam Phi - Ảnh 4.

Cape Town – «the green pearl» of South Africa – Photo: unsplash

Cape Town is the capital of the Western Cape province and also the legislative capital of South Africa, considered a «green pearl» in the middle of the dark continent. Cape Town has many nuances of wild nature, especially Cape Cape and Cape of Good Hope stretching out to the sea. Coming here, you will enjoy taking commemorative photos next to the wooden board engraved with the words «Cape of Good Hope – The most South – Western point of the African continent». southwest of the African continent), is planted on the ground close to the sea’s edge, next to a 256 m high cliff. From Cape Town going south along the Atlantic coast, you will admire the beautiful natural landscape of Sea Point and Hout Bay, or stride on Boulders beach to learn about the life of penguins… In particular, In Cape Town, there is also the famous Table Mountain, 1,000 meters above sea level, considered a symbol of the city. Standing from the top of the mountain, you will take in the beautiful sunset, and the city is filled with golden light, sparkling and magical like in a fairy tale.

South Africa has many interesting things that you do not know

Every year, from August to November in the coastal city of Hermanus, a unique whale watching festival in the world lasting 5 days attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. This is the best time for you to watch whales at a distance of nearly 20 meters. The festival is very fun with many interesting activities such as music performances, kayaking, paragliding, mountain biking… to please all visitors.

Phượng tím Jacaranda khoe sắc giữa mùa xuân Nam Phi - Ảnh 5.

Experience whale watching boat trip in South Africa – Photo: Shutter Stock

In addition, if you want to experience the colorful traditional culture of the ethnic groups in South Africa, go to the Lesedi cultural village located near the city of Johannesburg. Coming here, you will be warmly welcomed by the people with special rituals for strangers with bustling music, attractive rain dances and traditional songs…

Besides, South African cuisine is also very diverse and colorful with delicious dishes such as Boerewors beef sausage, Bobotie oven-baked minced meat, Sheep heads grilled lamb, Braaivleis grilled meat, Koeksisters fried dough, Umqombothi beer… If you are a shopping lover, you will probably enjoy going to Waterfront, Victoria & Alfred shopping areas in Cape Town and busy commercial centers such as Sandton City, Hyde Park, Northgate, Eastgate, Southgate, Westgate… in Johannesburg. And when coming to South Africa, don’t forget to buy local products and sophisticated handicrafts as gifts for relatives and friends.

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