The quickest and most recent Ferrari may be purchased individually.

Ferrari announced it will establish the new Sport Prototipi Clienti project in 2024, allowing car owners to experience for themselves the taste of driving prototype racing cars on the track

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The 499P Modificata is a non-competition vehicle, used only on the track. In other words, it has all the racing specifications and driving requirements, but will not be entered into official competitions. The reason is because currently the 499P Modificata is not subject to any regulations set by the FIA. Governed by the technical rules of the race, Ferrari engineers have freedom to develop the car’s settings and performance. The 499P Modificata was developed based on the 499P HyperCar racing car prototype that won this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans race. This is the first time Ferrari has turned a racing car with the highest technical specifications today into a dedicated car. for individual customers.


The 499P Modificata race car and the 499P HyperCar race car have nearly identical structures and components, including a carbon fiber monocoque body and frame, using a 3-liter turbocharged V6 internal combustion engine, front-wheel drive hybrid engine and 7-speed sequential gearbox. . However, because it is not subject to the World Endurance Series’ performance balance regulations, the privately owned 499P Modificata can achieve more extreme aerodynamic and power management packages. an ideal vehicle at any speed. Four-wheel drive racing car.

The newly added Push to Pass feature provides a one-click power boost that can instantly increase engine output to a maximum of 200kW, bringing its total output to 870 horsepower. Additionally, the new car will use special racing tires developed by Pirelli Project, instead of the Michelin racing tire formula specified by the 499P used in competition.


Ferrari has not announced production numbers for the 499P Modificata, but all new cars must be built from scratch, cannot be modified from 499P race cars, and can only be ordered by famous and long-term loyal customers. . high so it is believed that production volume is very limited. Regarding the price of the car, each 499P Modificata includes two years of maintenance and technical support for use on the day of running. According to reports, the price before tax is more than 5 million euros, of course beyond the affordability of customers. normal goods.

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