The response of de la Fuente upon Brahim Diaz selecting Morocco

Real Madrid winger Brahim Diaz unexpectedly decided to play for the Moroccan national team, even though he also has Spanish nationality and went through many youth levels of La Roja. Spain coach Luis de la Fuente affirmed that he fully respects the choice of this 24-year-old player.


Brahim Diaz’s decision to play for Morocco has been made. He also informed the Spanish national team of his choice.

But the country’s press considered it a slap in the face, and yesterday they tried their best to note the reaction of La Roja coach Luis de la Fuente.


“He has made a decision, that’s clear. Everyone who wants to be here is here. Everyone knows where they want to be. I don’t demand anything from him personally ,” the coach explained, quoted by Marca.


“He accepted Morocco’s offer and that’s it. Those who want to come [to play for Spain] will come on March 1, I made a “preliminary list” and he was on it. On March 9, he sent a document renouncing the possibility of playing for Spain. I did everything I could .”

Things will soon settle down as there is no shortage of talent in the Spain team that will take the field in friendly matches against Colombia and Brazil. But until those games take place, it seems the focus will remain on one player who will not be involved.


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