The Ten Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

Flowers have long been used to express emotion and show the world how we feel. Whether you’re having a rough day or just need to stop and smell the roses, a flower can turn your day around in an instant. If you’re considering additional flora arrangements to your yard or have an upcoming event you’d like to decorate for, there are ten flowers in particular you should consider.

1. White Lotus

From the Nymphaeaceae family, the white lotus is commonly found in southeast Asia and eastern Africa. This flower is a great addition for ponds and other water features as it prospers well in these conditions. It’s breathtaking white petals are sure to capture the attention of your friends and neighbors.


2. Tulip

Tulips add a simplistic yet popular feature that has long been cultivated throughout the world. Popular in Europe, Africa, and Asia, the tulip is typically grown in pots and makes a popular fresh-cut flower to use for any occasion. While breeding is typically associated with the Dutch, the tulip has original cultivation roots in Iran.


3. Rose

Roses are a classic staple of scented flowers, and they have long served as one of the most romantic floral gestures available. When you work with this flower stemming from the genus Rosa, you can choose from a number of colorful varieties that symbolize various things. For example, yellow is seen as a sign of friendship while red indicates feeling of true love.


4. Canna

Although not a true lily, canna lily is consists of a total of 19 different species of plant, and they represent a close living relation to a number of other familiar plants including ginger and even bananas. Their colorful varieties make for a great addition to any yard.


5. Bleeding Heart

If you’re looking for the perfect addition to a shady garden area, look no further than bleeding heart. These flowers feature a fairy-like appearance, and they add a magical touch. You can expect them to bud from April to June, and they come in three primary colors:

  • Red
  • Pink
  • White


6. Dahlia

Native to Mexico and areas of Central America, the dahlia is a perennial plant that is commonly noted for its bushy and tuberous characteristics. With around 30 different species and an impressive 20,000 cultivars, it’s not difficult to find one that suits your taste.


7. Cherry Blossom

If you ever visit Japan in the spring, you’re sure to run across the gorgeous cherry blossom. Noted for its soft pink and white hues, this flower is popular both in Japan and the United States. Even when they fall to the ground, they still create a pleasingly aesthetic addition as they carpet the ground.


8. Parrot Flower

The parrot flower gets its name for an obvious reason as it resembles a parrot in flight. While rare, the plant can be found in Thailand, Burma and parts of India.


9. Dove Orchid

The dove orchid is a pure white flower that can add an aura of innocence to your yard or garden. Within its petals lies a hidden structure which resembles a dove complete with tiny pink dots and a small yellow beak. The overall flower features a peaceful appeal.


10. Lily of the Valley

The inspiration for a number of ancient legends, Lily of the Valley is a popular flower chosen for a number of momentous occasions. The soft white flowers appear fragile and induce a feeling of innocence in the eyes of the appreciative beholder.


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