The World’s Top 10 Most Popular Flowers

Top 10 Most Popular Flowers in the WorldFlowers are a staple in many cultures around the world. They are often utilized as decorations for a number of special occasions, such as holidays and family events. People also use flowers in health and beauty applications and have done so in many cultures over centuries.


Roses are considered the most acclaimed flower in the world. These popular flowers come in a variety of different colors, sizes, and shapes. Roses have also come to represent many different aspects of humanity, such as beauty, innocence, war, politics, and romance. Roses are praised for their fresh, delicate smell and are a reason why many rose scented products exist.


Carnations have been utilized in many cultures for more than 2,000 years. The flower is associated with an abundance of symbolism, mythology, and even debate topics regarding its name. Some claim the name originates from Ancient Greece, while others say carnation is derived from the Latin word carnis, which means flesh. A common flower, carnations often represent love, fascination, and distinction. Carnations grow in a variety of shades, such as their common pink and red colors, to unusual colors like blue, fuschia, purple, and yellow.


Tulips first became popular during the 17th century, around the time the flower began growing throughout many European countries like Holland. The rapid growth of tulips inspired a craze that had people collecting the flowers wherever they grew throughout the European brush. During spring, tulips can be found growing throughout Europe in many colors, such as the common red and yellow, to uncommon shades like purple and light blue.


Daisies are known for their natural beauty, which conveys merriment and exuberance for the people who receive them. They also symbolize innocence and purity, which makes them a common gift to loved ones. The daisy flower can be grown in many places around the world, as long as they are provided with enough water.


The sunflower is perhaps one of the most recognizable flowers in the world. The name is derived from the Greek words Helios (the sun) and Anthos (flower), and when combined make the word helianthus. Sunflowers can grow very tall, and as thick as one meter in diameter. Over 67 species of sunflowers exist around the world, but the flower is believed to have originated in the Americas.


The daffodil symbolizes friendship and invokes thoughts of the spring season when they are most often in bloom as clusters of soft yellow. These star-like flowers can grow in many different shades of yellow, orange, white, green, and pink.


The gerbera is a member of the sunflower family of flowers. Like daisies, gerberas symbolize innocence and purity. The delicate two-lipped ray florets grow in a cluster, forming the shape of a single flower. Gerberas grow in many colors, which make them appropriate for a number of occasions.


The orchid symbolizes beauty, strength, luxury, and virility. In Ancient Greece, the flower especially symbolizes virility, since pregnant women often fed their husbands orchids, hoping their unborn child would be a boy. Orchids grow in deep shades of purple, pink, fuchsia, and white.


A flower with a name that means rainbow, the Iris represents eloquence and love. The flower is associated with Iris, a Greek goddess who is a messenger of love. Irises grow in many different colors, such as brown, red, orange, yellow, pink, and even shades as dark as black.


A very delicate and fragile flower, the gardenia is native to tropical and subtropical parts of Africa, South Africa, and Asia. Gardenias are said to represent secret love, which encourages the somewhat mysterious reputation of this beautiful and fragrant flower.

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