These «hybrid» fruits are exquisite in every aspect, including form and color.

Tomato “Black Milky Way”

People have bred this tomato variety so that the inside still has normal red flesh but the outside is shiny black and looks extremely mysterious. The black color of tomato skin comes from the same pigment composition of blackberries.

Extremely beautiful hybrid fruits from shape to color-1

Under the influence of sunlight, the more a tomato ripens on the vine, the darker it becomes, even pitch black, instead of the dark red color that tomatoes usually have. Besides, this type of tomato also has higher nutritional content than regular types.

Extremely beautiful hybrid fruits from shape to color-2

Red lemon

This lemon is hybridized from a hybrid tangerine called Ellendale Mandarin. Hybrid lemons have red-yellow flesh, red or green skin, and are smaller and longer than regular lemons. This fruit has a sweet and aromatic taste.

Extremely beautiful hybrid fruits from shape to color-3

Redlove Apple

This type of apple looks like regular apples, but the special thing is inside the flesh. When opened, this apple has a red color with white spots that look extremely eye-catching.

Extremely beautiful hybrid fruits from shape to color-4

Redlove apples are proven to be more valuable than regular apples. The reason is because their bright red color contains many antioxidants that are beneficial for human health, especially for women. Another interesting thing about this Redlove apple variety is that when cooked, they still retain their vibrant red color.

Extremely beautiful hybrid fruits from shape to color-5

Mexican rat watermelon

This tiny watermelon is the size of a grape, has a striped watermelon rind, but when cut in half it resembles a cucumber and has a sour taste like a lemon.

Extremely beautiful hybrid fruits from shape to color-6

This plant was domesticated and became a specialty in European countries by a family company specializing in vegetable production in the Netherlands. Gradually, they were bred and became quite popular in salads in the West.

Extremely beautiful hybrid fruits from shape to color-7

Strawberry cherry flavor

Japan always has many creative ideas that make people admire. In particular, there is a cherry-flavored strawberry that makes young people go “crazy”.

This type of strawberry is much larger than normal strawberries. The outside color is lighter than regular strawberries, and the inside is smooth white, not the usual red color of strawberries.

Extremely beautiful hybrid fruits from shape to color - 8

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