Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World

1.  Rose

Unanimously hailed as the most beautiful flower in the world, roses have been cultivated by humans since 500 BC. The pleasant scent is one of its trademark fortes that puts it apart from other flowers. Found in various colors, each color of rose is significant in symbolizing anything from love to beauty, faith, friendship, passion, etc.

2.  Gazania

A bright, golden-yellow flower native to South Africa, Gazania is also known as a treasure flower because of its color. It blooms with a naturally long stem in pretty bright colors that make it visible to the naked eye from a distance. Found in vivid shades of orange, yellow, and even reds, Gazanias bloom in the daytime and close as the sunsets.

3.  Lantana

Lantanas are unique flowers because they tend to bloom one bunch of tiny flowers at a time and often in different shades. It’s like nature’s very own bouquet with 100 tiny colorful florets put together as one. Found in various shades ranging from purple and pinks to yellows and oranges, lantanas are exquisite little blooms, perfect for floral decors.

4.  Dahlia

Dahlia is not only a name for a beautiful flower that is one of its kind but also considered a pretty name for little girls. The big blooming flower is so symmetrical that it satisfies the human eye to focus on each petal’s detail and intricacy. Dahlias have more than 40 different species globally, with sizes ranging from 2 to 20 inches.

5.  Stargazer Lily

Stargazer lilies are a type of hybrid lily from the oriental group of lilies. Because oriental lilies are famous for their scent, stargazer lilies are also heavily used to make perfumes due to their fragrant perfume scent. They are the easiest to grow flowers, which grow fast and have the best blooming results in full sunlight. You can easily plant one in your backyard to enjoy.

6.  Frangipani

Also known as plumeria, frangipani is native to the new world tropics. They are widely cultivated flowers of their species because of ornamentals in warmer weather and the attractive and fragrant scent of the flowers. Many perfumes have their scent or are made to imitate it. The white-edge, yellow flowers are a popular element of the Hawaiian lei.

7.  Bird of Paradise

A unique and exotic flower with a unique name, Birds of Paradise, is known because of its appearance. The flowers uniquely bloom in such a shape and difference of shades in a single flower that depicts multiple birds flocking together. From the most beautiful shades of blues to oranges, the flower is one heck of a treat to the eyes.

8.  Lotus

Lotus is known as the sacred flower for Buddhists as it symbolizes birth, purity, harmony, grace, and divinity for them. And frankly so, lotuses have earned their place for being one of the most beautiful flowers because no matter how dirty a pond is, you shall find a lotus floating ever so gracefully on top of it. Their attractive, multi-layered petals can be found in shades of pinks.

9.  Bleeding Heart

One of the most magnificent wonders our nature could offer, bleeding hearts take their name as the literal description of their appearance. Yes! The flower looks like a bleeding heart because of its voluptuous petals curving like a vivid red heart, oozing a droplet of blood. They are astonishingly beautiful and considered valuable and premium across the world.

10.  Passionflower

Passionflower, or passiflora as popularly known, is a unique and exotic flower with tendril-like vines extending from its core. Blooming in shrubs and trees, these showy flowers are distinguishable at a single glance. Moreover, unlike other flowers with delicate and soft petals, passionflowers tend to have a woody or herbaceous touch, making them a very different flower than all others.


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