Top of the world’s most exquisite flower gardens that will captivate you

In this sharing, chaucayxuatkhau will share the top most beautiful flower gardens in the world that will definitely help you admire the 1 – 0 – 2 beautiful scenes without having to go far.


Keukenhof Tulip Garden, Netherlands – Top of the most beautiful flower gardens in the world

Located in the town of Lisse in the Dutch capital Amsterdam, Keukenhof Tulip Garden is one of the most beautiful flower gardens in the world. This is also the ideal place for you to explore and admire the fascinating and magical beauty of nature.


The flower garden campus is about 32 hectares wide and is the breeding ground for 4.5 million Tulip flowers of 100 types and about 2,500 other flower plants. You will see thousands of flowers with different colors and shapes, from bright yellow, clear white, light pink to bright red or mysterious black.

In particular, this flower garden is displayed in 5 zones and is named after the kings and queens of the Netherlands. Nestled in the gentle warmth of the spring weather, the golden sunlight gently touches the flower garden, giving visitors a wonderful, colorful artistic space with a strangely comfortable feeling.

Next to the winding path are cool clear streams, white gravel roads and a flock of swans swimming up and down the water. It all gives you the feeling of being lost in a fairy tale land. This place is classified as one of the popular destinations in the Netherlands.

Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai – The world’s largest natural flower garden located in the middle of the desert

With an area of up to 72,000 m2 and nearly 50 million flowers, Dubai Miracle Garden is a colorful oasis that tourists cannot miss when coming to Dubai.


The flower garden is usually open from October to the end of May the following year, and will be closed during the summer months in Dubai, when temperatures rise and hot, dry air blankets the entire city.

Dubai Magic Garden is the world’s largest natural flower garden. This garden has up to 60 species of flowers with more than 109 million flowers. According to CNN, spread over an area of 7.28 hectares, each year the garden attracts more than one million visitors.

Butchart Gardens, Canada

Located in Victoria city, Butchart Gardens is an attractive tourist destination for many nature lovers around the world. Spread over an area of 20 hectares, Butchart Gardens is a complex of many beautiful gardens (rose garden, Italian garden, Japanese garden…) that make visitors think of the fairyland of the “garden of Eden”.


It seems that all kinds of flowers in the world come together to bloom here, from roses, dahlias, small and simple daisies… to orchids and sunflowers reaching high to catch the sunlight.

Another special point is that no matter when you have the opportunity to visit Butchart, you will be overwhelmed by the “never sleeps” scenery of the flowers here. When spring and summer come, it’s time for thousands of flowers in Butchart to bloom, creating a colorful flower garden.

Exbury Gardens, England

Located in the New Forest National Park, Hampshire, England, the famous Exbury garden owned by the Rothschild family has a strange charm for anyone who loves the romance and brilliance of colorful flowers.


Every summer, the Exbury garden is brilliant with the pink and red colors of azaleas , camellias… covering a large space. Stretching over an area of about 81 hectares, Exbury garden is not only a favorite tourist destination for many people but also a botanical research area for scientists.

Nong Nooch Garden, Thailand

Located in Pattaya, Thailand, Nong Nooch is one of Southeast Asia’s few large tropical botanical parks. Initially, this was just a wasteland but was bought by Mrs. Nong Nooch and her husband in 1954 to use as a farming area. However, after a trip abroad, she decided to turn it into a tropical garden with ornamental plants and flowers.


After many years of construction, Nong Nooch has become an attractive tourist destination, and was opened to visitors in 1980 with the official name Suan Nong Nooch. In the garden, there are currently up to 20,000 families of tropical plants collected from more than 50 different countries.

The bonsai areas are meticulously arranged and beautifully and meticulously trimmed. The shape and size of the trees create a unique and unique beauty for the garden.

Singapore Botanic Garden

Established in 1859 and since then, the Singapore Botanic Garden attracts millions of tourists every year because of its pristine beauty.


With an area of 54 hectares, the Singapore Botanic Garden is a convergence of many rare tropical flower species, especially orchids with nearly 60,000 orchids of all colors blooming. Every year, many hybrid orchids with vibrant colors and high durability are continuously added to this impressive collection.

In particular, the Singapore Botanic Garden is also a center for research and breeding of industrial plant varieties for the world such as hibiscus or three-leaf rubber…

Nemophila flower field – Japan

Nemophila flower field in Hitachi Seaside Park – Japan is one of the most beautiful flower gardens in the world and a very famous tourist destination.


Stretching over 190 hectares close to the shore, this place is known as a paradise of thousands of flowers blooming all year round. Coming here in the middle of the year, you will be overwhelmed by the green color of hundreds of thousands of beautiful Nemophila flowers blooming on the hills, creating a vast blue sea, stretching to the horizon. This is like a beautiful flower paradise that no matter who comes here will be captivated. Standing among the smooth green flower hills, we feel like we are immersed in the vast ocean and the sky is gradually “touching” the ground.

Besides the typical flowers for each season, there are also many different flower species grown here. Every year, at Hitachi Seaside Park, a Nemophila flower viewing festival is held. The feeling of most visitors when coming here during the festival is that they are overwhelmed by the green color of the Nemophila flower hill.

Ashikaga flower garden – Japan

Ashikaga Flower Garden – Japan blooms in four seasons with peonies, red azaleas, roses and hydrangeas. And in particular, the most famous here is the wisteria flower with a flower festival held every year from April to May. This flower represents eternal love, has a wooden trunk, and vine-like branches. , often grows in long, drooping clusters. Wisteria flowers come in many different shades, from blue, pink, white, yellow and most commonly purple. At the Ashikaga flower garden, there are about 350 wisteria vines creating an extremely beautiful “flower tunnel”, including an ancient tree that is nearly 150 years old.


In particular, you will admire the splendid landscape of Ashikaga garden at night with brightly lit flower trellises. The cascading trellises of wisteria flowers show off their beauty like in a fairy tale frame. CNN selected this park as one of the top 10 desirable destinations in 2014 with its specialties of the wisteria flower season.

Provence lavender garden – France

From June to early August each year, the Provence region – France wears a romantic purple shirt because of the beautiful, fragrant and seductive lavender fields. From Vercors to Verdon, lavender blooms beautifully. And this is the ideal time to travel to the beautiful city of Provence and also the “mecca” of purple flowers.


Lavender is considered the soul of Provence. Here, you will enjoy purple lavender fields blooming in the whole sky. Especially, from afar, you can feel the scent of lavender in the air.

There are up to 47 different types of lavender. Some prominent varieties are dark purple and blue purple. They are used to produce cosmetics, perfumes, soaps and spices for some dishes. Here, you can visit the Provence lavender fields by foot, bicycle or car,…

Yoshino mountain cherry blossom garden – Japan

For the Japanese people, cherry blossoms are not only noble beauty but also the sadness of transience, humility and symbolizing youth. When talking about cherry blossoms, it is impossible not to mention the Yoshino mountain area in Nara province, Japan, which is an ideal place to see cherry blossoms bloom.


Mount Yoshino in Yoshino town of Nara province, Japan was recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 2004. Walking around here, you will enjoy many beautiful peach blossom paintings with about 30,000 trees growing spread out. along the mountainside.

The special feature of this cherry blossom is the white clusters blooming alternately among the red foliage, planted in 4 forests at different altitudes on the mountainside. They will bloom at different times in the spring.

During the time when the Sakura flowers bloom, the entire Yoshino mountain area seems to be dyed with a pale pink color, making this place one of the most beautiful flower gardens in the world and one of the attractive tourist destinations not to be missed. via.

Tuscany sunflower fields – Italy

Located in Central Italy, Tuscany sunflower fields are considered the land of origin of the cultural style during the renaissance period of this country. Not only that, the Tuscany sunflower field is also considered a beautiful natural picture that captivates people’s hearts. In the summer, fields of sunflowers bloom under the sun.


For the people here, sunflowers always point straight towards the sun, symbolizing loyalty and filial piety.

One of the scenes that makes visitors feel most relaxed and peaceful when coming here is the brilliant sunflowers spreading yellow like a carpet of bright sunshine on the spreading hillside. Everything attracts the eye, there is no place to stop and only see flowers blooming all over the horizon.

You can drive through hilltop villages in July to cross endless fields filled with bright yellow blooming flowers.

Ranunculus flower garden field – USA

Located in the city of San Diego, USA, the extremely beautiful ranunculus flower field is loved and visited by a large number of tourists, most often in the spring.


Stepping into the flower field, which is about 20 hectares wide, visitors feel like they are lost in a fairyland. The entire field of ranunculus flowers blooming brilliantly will surely make you fascinated. The ranunculus flower here has up to 16 gorgeous colors. You will be able to freely admire beautiful flower colors such as gentle pink, loyal purple, bright yellow, rich red,…

Everything creates a colorful flower maze like a painting. The ranunculus flower field is one of the most beautiful flower gardens in the world, attracting countless tourists to visit, take photos and admire the scenery. If you have the opportunity, you must definitely visit this beautiful ranunculus garden.

Rose fields – Bulgaria

Rose Valley in Bulgaria stretches about 200,000 hectares. This is the largest rose valley and one of the most beautiful flower gardens in the world. Roses bloom everywhere in the fields, the flowers here are both large and brightly colored. Legend has it that here there was once a goddess who came to earth and used her fresh blood to water the flowers, so the roses here have a crimson color like blood, making people passionate and passionate. fascinated. Try coming here once to bathe in a fragrant, vast and spacious sea of roses.


At the time of transition from spring to summer, Bulgaria wears a colorful pink shirt. And even the air is filled with the fragrance of this flower, penetrating people’s souls. Bulgarians are so enamored with the rose that they honor it as the “National Flower”. The area and output of roses and rose essential oil in this country are among the top in the world. That’s why Bulgaria is called the “Land of Roses”.

Purple poinciana flower field – Pretoria city, South Africa

As the administrative capital of South Africa, the city of Pretoria also bears the name “Purple Poinciana City” with thousands of trees planted on street corners, roads, parks or even gardens. Purple poinciana flower petals fall and cover the sidewalks and lawns, creating an extremely romantic scene of cool spring weather.


Purple poinciana flower, also known as Jacaranda, is a flower with dreamy and magical colors that carries the meaning of remembrance, fidelity and only blooms in spring. Pretoria has spring starting from September to November. Come to Pretoria during the purple poinciana season in the cold weather, hold hands and walk on the street corners, the streets are dyed purple with a sweet scent spreading. everywhere will be an unforgettable experience for every visitor who comes here.

Poppy Garden – Antelope, California

In the spring, the beautiful land of California glows with the orange poppies. In California, poppies are everywhere, but the flower fields in the western Antelope Valley are where millions of poppies grow densely, protected from herbivores and interference. Other human cards. There are trails here, and placed along those paths are many benches for visitors to sit and admire the flowers and wild nature present in this brilliant land.


If you have the opportunity to go to the California poppy garden, enjoy and relax in the fresh air, the gentle sun shining, the birds singing and the cool breeze blowing in the most beautiful flower gardens in the world.

The most beautiful flower gardens in the world always contain a strange attraction. Chaucayxuatkhau hopes that you will have the opportunity to visit the Top most beautiful flower gardens in the world above to relax and enjoy the romantic, dreamy beauty and the seductive scent of flowers but full of mystery and excitement. hearts.



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