Uncovering the secret meaning of the British royal emblem

Following the history of Rolls-Royce, in December 1904, the first car introduced by Rolls-Royce to the world was called 40/50 Silver Ghost (also known as Rolls-Royce 10HP) – Dubbed ‘the best car in the world’, it was also the first car born under the cooperation between founders Charles Stewart Rolls and Frederick Henry Royce, who after only 6 months decided to build an ’empire’ together. ‘ Rolls-Royce to this day.

Rolls-Royce Phantom: 1 century, 1 icon

By 1925, nearly 20 years after the official establishment of the Rolls-Royce brand in 1906, the first Phantom was brought to the world – Phantom I – ‘The New Phantom’ opened an era. new to car lovers in previous centuries.

Phantom I – ‘The New Phantom’ – a design called the first Phantom, is considered the closest descendant of the Rolls-Royce 10HP model.

Not long after, in 1929, Rolls-Royce introduced the Phantom II – a version that almost created the basis for continuing to develop Phantom models until later, during a process of exactly 97 years with 8 different versions.

Most especially, Phantom II appeared in the movie called Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, 1989), exactly 60 years since its release.

Phantom II – the car model that experts consider to be the design that shapes the standard incarnations of the Phantom car line to this day.

By the mid-1930s, the Phantom III was introduced, and another memorable milestone: this was the first and only car in the Rolls-Royce family to use a V12 engine until 1998, after the appearance of the Silver Seraph. The chassis for the last Phantom III was built in 1941, but it was not until 1947 that it was delivered to its owner with the completed coachbuilt body.

In addition, Phantom III is also a ‘movie star’ – the car appeared in the 1964 James Bond movie, in which the main villain Auric Goldfinger was the owner. At that time, the Phantom III was almost 25 years old and still performed very well.

The Phantom III from the movie Goldfinger (1964)

Completely different from the previous 3 generations, the 4th generation Rolls-Royce Phantom was originally crafted exclusively for royalty and heads of state. The story begins in 1939, when Rolls-Royce launched a test car to find a successor to the Phantom III. The car’s development process lasted throughout and after World War II.

The official name of this car is Comet, however many people call this car with the nickname “Scalded Cat”, implicitly referring to its strong performance. With its reputation, Scalded Cat is often used by many influential individuals, including Prince Philip – Duke of Edinburgh. Very impressed by the car’s performance, he asked Rolls-Royce to build a complete version for him and his wife – later Queen Elizabeth II – for daily use.

The Phantom IV was owned by Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah, Aga Khan III

On November 15, 1948, an official order came from the Royal Family with a request to build a Rolls-Royce for the Prince and Queen. Initially, the car company planned to produce only one Rolls-Royce Phantom IV and Prince Philip would be the driver. With its success in terms of image and quality, the car continued to be used in a special project at the request of the Spanish government.

After these special events, Rolls-Royce issued the policy “Royalty and Heads of State only” – Exclusively for the Royal Family and Heads of State. From 1950 to 1956, only 18 Rolls-Royce Phantom IVs were produced and owned by the British Royal Family or the top positions of other countries such as Spain, Iraq or Kuwait… Many famous people are thirsty. Even if you want to own this classy car, you still can’t put your hands on the symbol of absolute power.

Up to this point, Rolls-Royce Phantom IVs are still operating normally and are always witnesses to major events around the world. This is the car model that plays an important role in the journey of building the image of authority, poise and unique brand value of the Phantom line to this day. With a sophisticated, solemn but not flashy design, Phantom IV reaches the standard of timeless beauty.

The image of Phantom IV rolling in at international events such as the Royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton… still captivates the hearts of those who are passionate about the classic, timeless beauty that is also the symbol of Rolls. -Royce.

Rolls-Royce Phantom IV at a British Royal wedding

After the success of the Phantom IV, Rolls-Royce began work on the 5th generation of this large sedan. Unlike its predecessor, the Rolls-Royce Phantom V is equipped with a V8 engine and a 4-speed automatic transmission. Owners of this car can choose between two famous coachbuilders, Park Ward and James Young.

Rolls-Royce Phantom V of singer John Lennon

The car is trusted by Queen Elizabeth II, as well as many famous people such as singers John Lennon, Elton John, Elvis Presley… Currently, two Phantom V cars of the British Royal Family are on display at the Sandringham and Car Museums. HMY Britannia Royal Museum.

Rolls-Royce Phantom VIII: Affirming its unique position

In the 21st century, Rolls-Royce continues to affirm that this is the brand that creates the strictest standards for quality, aesthetics and uniqueness. Based on these mottos, the car company introduced the 8th generation Phantom on July 27, 2017.

Inheriting new-age technologies, as well as continuing the brand’s hundred-year tradition, Phantom VIII was formed on the “Architecture of Luxury” platform that first appeared in the brand’s history, with the main structure The car’s body is made from aluminum alloy material. Thanks to these improvements, Rolls-Royce has revived its famous Coachbuild art, helping collectors unleash their creativity and emotions to create masterpieces in both art and technology. .

Rolls-Royce always puts the ego satisfaction and personal impression of the car owner first. Therefore, the British car company has more than 44,000 different paint shades, as well as the ability to accurately copy any collector’s favorite color. One of the particularly rare and easy-to-create paint colors that brings enthusiasts to emotional heights is Bohemian Red.

To fully express the artistry on Phantom’s paint, artisans had to apply up to 5 layers of paint, not including many protective coatings.

When we get closer, we will probably be overwhelmed by the generous and emotional charisma of the Bohemian Red exterior paint color. Like the name, this red color represents the desire for freedom, breaking limits and paths in life. When in the dark, Bohemian Red brings a mysterious look like a Bohemian girl. But when stepping into the light, a series of emotions seem to burst with the red color of Cabernet Sauvignon wine and the delicate crystal effect. This is also a rare option on Rolls-Royce cars rolling in Vietnam.

To fully express the artistry on Phantom’s paint, artisans had to apply up to 5 layers of paint, not including many protective coatings. It is the meticulousness in this process that creates the deep shine, realistically reflecting the surrounding space on the car, just as the Phantom itself is the clearest reflection of the owner’s success. The entire coating process of Rolls-Royce Phantom takes more than 7 days, and is all done manually at Goodwood Cathedral, southern England.

Inspired by the Pantheon, the artisans distributed different thicknesses between the spokes, to create an aesthetically symmetrical visual effect when viewed from the front.

Not only the unforgettable impression of the exterior color, Rolls-Royce Phantom Red Bohemian also makes fans flutter with the traditional features of the brand. Leaving the first and deepest impression of every Rolls-Royce is the large grille called the Pantheon Grille. Inspired by ancient Roman architecture, this detail is handcrafted and polished for many hours, providing unique nuances between cars. Inspired by this temple, the artisans distributed different thicknesses between the slats, to bring about an aesthetically symmetrical visual effect when viewed from the front.

When it comes to Rolls-Royce, we often think of the pinnacle of craftsmanship. This is clearly portrayed with the art of implementing the traditional Coachline. The process of creating this masterpiece does not accept any errors, even just a millimeter on a pattern that is nearly 6 meters long but only about 4 mm wide. Each Coachline carries a spiritual value, the desire to pursue perfection that Rolls-Royce and the owner want to convey into the Phantom.

The ultimate Rolls-Royce experience continues in the Phantom’s interior.

In contrast to the Bohemian Red color, the interior space has a gentle Smoke Gray main color tone, alongside Ardent Red contrasting details and stitching. The independent seat design provides an experience similar to first class on flights. At this point, the senses will gradually receive the calmness that Phantom brings: the smoothness and coolness of the delicately treated premium cowhide interior combined with the massage function and fragrance from the interior. , melodious music from the surround sound system and a cool glass of champagne from the refrigerator in the back seat.

As a tradition of the brand, the Gallery art display space in the front compartment seems to take collectors to another dimension, where we can contemplate timeless works of art. The Phantom logo is designed to appear as if it is floating above the Gallery, connected to a highly skilled, handcrafted analog time machine by artisans at Goodwood.

The Gallery decoration space is still the highlight of the car’s interior, demonstrating the long-standing tradition of the brand.

Smoked Chestnut-colored real wood interior panels seem to help ease the pressures in life, while bringing the car owner closer to nature. To serve the work and entertainment process, Rolls-Royce is fully equipped with options such as picnic tables, entertainment screens for the rear seats, Apple Carplay connection for smartphones…

When experiencing the Rolls-Royce Phantom, the owner is not simply driving or enjoying a glass of champagne in the back seat. In fact, the feeling of gliding on the clouds, or “Magic Carpet Ride”, is brought about by an air suspension system with a capacity of up to 16 L, combined with automatic rear-adjusting dampers and springs. every 5 milliseconds.

Combined with the navigation system, the car will choose the gear most suitable for the terrain ahead, which is recognized by a multi-tasking camera. At the same time, smart sensors help prevent accidents by continuously scanning the road surface, and stopping when detecting danger ahead.

Every Rolls-Royce launched complies with the guideline set by Henry Royce, no matter how many generations have passed.

Imbued with Mr. Henry Royce’s “Strive for Perfection” philosophy, this is what always motivates Goodwood’s engineers to constantly conquer challenges, and this time it is to further perfect the brand’s strong point: ability. Phantom’s soundproofing. The brand’s goal is to create a sanctuary of calm and tranquility, providing drivers and passengers with the highest level of luxurious relaxation.

Rolls-Royce has invested heavily in the car’s frame structure, which has heat and sound insulation panels and a thickness of 60 mm. The Continental brand “Silent-Seal” tires are made with specialized foam layers that help reduce the echo of the road surface to the interior by up to 9 decibels. And from there, Phantom is a testament to the statement that “words are most powerful when whispered”.

With nearly 100 years of existence, the Rolls-Royce Phantom is more than just an ordinary vehicle. This is also a work of art, a bridge to create great milestones, not only in the owner’s personal life but also at the human level. Rolls-Royce’s designers and engineers understand that perfection is a never-ending goal: the Phantom continues its quest for ultimate perfection.

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