Unreal Giants: Surprising Types of Giant Fruits That Seem Astonishingly Unreal

Fruits come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, yet there are some that stand out due to their extraordinary dimensions. Here are a few of the most peculiar fruits in terms of their size.


Mangoes are a popular tropical fruit that come in a variety of sizes, but some can be quite large. The heaviest mango on record weighed in at over 7 pounds! On the other end of the spectrum, there are also tiny mangoes called champagne mangoes that are about the size of an egg.


Pumpkins are typically associated with Halloween and fall decor, but they also come in a variety of sizes. The largest pumpkin on record weighed over 2,600 pounds, while some miniature pumpkins can fit in the palm of your hand.


Watermelons are a summertime favorite, and some can be quite massive. The heaviest watermelon on record weighed over 350 pounds! There are also miniature watermelons that are about the size of a grapefruit.


Turnips are a root vegetable that are typically small to medium in size, but there are some varieties that can grow quite large. The heaviest turnip on record weighed over 39 pounds!


Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that is often used as a meat substitute due to its texture. Some varieties of jackfruit can grow quite large, with some weighing over 100 pounds!


Cucumbers are a refreshing summer snack, and some can grow quite long. The longest cucumber on record was over 3 feet long!

The annual Netley pumpkin competition near Southampton in Hampshire where the British record was smashed by twin brothers Stuart and Ian Paton of Lymingtyon with a weight of 2252.3lb, a new British Record and second heaviest ever recorded in the world. Pictured is the record breaking pumpkin Featuring: Contestant Where: Southampton, United Kingdom When: 08 Oct 2016 Credit: Paul Jacobs/WENN.com


Bananas are a popular fruit that are typically around 6-8 inches in length, but there are some varieties that are much smaller or larger. The smallest bananas are called ladyfinger bananas and are only a few inches long, while the largest bananas can grow up to 9 inches!

These fruits may be unusual in size, but they all have unique flavors and nutritional benefits. Whether you prefer small and sweet or big and juicy, there’s a fruit out there for everyone!

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